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Predictors of Impending Business Failure & Its Remedies

                             Predictors of Impending Business Failure & Its Remedies

                        A 2 DAY WORKSHOP






1) Strategic Business Planning & Management


2) Strategic Working Capital Management


3) Predictors of Impending Business Failure


4) Financing Application: Lenders' perspective


5) Strategic Cost Saving-Business Process, Cash & Total Cost Approach


6) Business Accounting & Finance for Non-Financial Specialist










Business failure never comes overnight. It is a process and is often detectable. Even signs of the current economic tsunami were already there in late 2006. However, most failed organizations are not aware of the signs and symptoms that had already been happening around them. No actions were then taken until it is too late.


Purpose of the workshop

To equip the participants with the necessary knowledge on identifying the various signs and symptoms that will lead to business failure and key actions to avoid such impending failures.



At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

1.                  Identified the deadly signs and symptoms that may lead to an organizations failure.

2.                  Take key actions to circumvent it.


Workshop outline

a)            Overview of the Deadly Signs


b)            Signs, Symptoms and Actions from the platform of:

i)          Financial Analysis

ii)         Inventory movements, Sales, Sales Trend, Sales Staff, Customer Service and Customers and Market portfolio Management

iii)         Risk, Control and Measurements

iv)        Market Demand

v)                  Leadership, Teams and Management

vi)                 Your Playing field

vii)               Planning, Strategies, Positioning, processes/drivers, etc.


c)            Competitors Analysis

i.         Their strength and weakness vs. yours

ii.       Their business driver and playing field.

iii.      Game Vs. Rules

iv.     Relevance of attacking their weakness


d)            Finance

i.         Working Capital management

ii.       Overtrading

iii.      Investment Management in period of downturn.



Workshop Deliveries Methods

Participative and active. On top of presentation by the Trainer/Facilitator, participants get to have a chance to work on his/her own as well as through group discussions on exercises and case studies.


Who should attend?

All  General Mangers, Senior Mangers, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Management Committee members and all others who are involved in managing the business and have a responsibility or influence of the bottom line.



RM1,500 per participants,   Early Bird rate:  RM1,300 per participants



Certificate of attendance will be given upon completion of the workshop. 
















Dr. TAN KOK TEE,  is a Gold Mastery Certificate recipient in Strategic Management from the Haines Centre for Strategic Management®, USA, under its certification program sponsored by the University of San Diego. He is one of the Principals of the Haines Centre for Strategic Management®.


Haines Centre for Strategic Management® is a Global Alliance of Master Consultants, Trainers, Coaches and Facilitators, headquartered in USA, specializing in the Systems Thinking ApproachTM to strategic management. Today, the Haines Centre for Strategic Management® has facilitated and trained countless executives/managers including CEOs and Directors in Strategic Management and consulted by numerous organizations of various sizes in their Strategic Management matters.


Kok Tee, is also a Fellow member of the Association of International Accountants, UK (one of the 5 professional accountancy bodies in UK and EEC qualified to be external auditors for PLCs). He also holds an MBA – Finance, from the Charles Sturt University, (CSU) Australia.


His other professional memberships included being a member of the Malaysian Association of Company Secretaries, a body prescribed under the Malaysian Company’s Act to practice as Company Secretary.


Kok Tee has a total of more than 35 years of working experience, of which 25 years were at senior management level, in commercial enterprises of different sizes and industries such as manufacturing, marketing and distribution, construction and quarrying, and services industries.   During the course of his work, he has acquired invaluable experience and knowledge in the area of Accounts & Finance, Risk and Control, Business Administration, Management Principle and Practice, Business Process Management and improvement, Annual Strategic Planning and Management, Working Capital Management,  Debt Collection Technique, Stock Management, Cost Saving Programs and Customers Service Management.


The sharing of his more than 25 years of knowledge, skill and real life practical experience gained at senior management level through his workshops, In-House Training/Facilitating and Consulting will benefit many managers in the above mentioned areas. 


Kok Tee is also a member of the Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers, a qualified HRDF (Ministry of Human Resource, Malaysia) trainer, an In-House trainer/facilitator for 3½ years and an ad hoc lecturer/facilitator for IGS/CSU MBA-Finance program for 10 months.



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Our services are rendered to companies across Asia and other parts of the Globe