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Strategic Business Planning & Management

             Strategic Business Planning & Management

                  A 2 DAY PUBLIC WORKSHOP




Programs include:


1) Strategic Business Planning & Management


2) Strategic Working Capital Management


3) Predictors of Impending Business Failure


4) Financing Application: Lenders' perspective


5) Strategic Cost Saving-Business Process, Cash & Total Cost Approach


6) Business Accounting & Finance for Non-Financial Specialist












A well organized and crafted strategic plan is a very important road map for any organization to achieve its vision and missions. Yet they are often play down in favor of just an annual budget, often shortsighted, not well thought through and not effectively implemented.


A well thought through strategic plan with effective implementation can at its minimum minimized any un-towards adverse surprises.  Strategic Planning and Management is as easy as ABCDE. This workshop will show you how. No Big Deal. As easy as ABCDE!!




      To get clarity on strategic thinking & planning in the context of a comprehensive strategic management system

      To acquire the knowledge and skills to apply a disciplined systems approach to developing an implement-able strategic plan

      To understand when and how to involve key stakeholders, in order to ensure buy-in over the long term

      To understand and apply the detailed steps of the strategic planning process

      To understand how to cascade the strategic plan throughout the organization, and align all work units to the strategic direction

      To get an appreciation on what is needed for effective execution in terms of structures, processes and the people perspective.

      To understand the specific objectives of strategic review and update

      To learn about the common mistakes of, and obstacles to, strategic planning, and how to avoid or overcome them

      To learn practical tips about strategic planning, and how to make it implementation-friendly



Participants will improve their proficiency in strategic planning and management by:

         Knowing how to apply the logical and practical systems thinking approach to strategic planning and management

         Understanding the various driving force of a business.

         Knowing the key leverage points when crafting the core strategices

         Using their own organizations actual strategic plans (where available) as example, and working on it in the context of their area of responsibility

         Applying what they learn immediately in their work.

         Sharing the knowledge and experience of the other participants and the facilitator





         CEOs / General Manager / Senior and Middle Managers

         Strategic Planners

         All Departmental Heads

         All others who are involved in the execution of annual action plans.




      Strategic Thinking base on the General Systems Theory

The Systems Thinking Approach

      The Need for Strategic Thinking

      The 5 Key Questions for Strategic Thinking

      Strategic Planning Fundamentals

      3 Goals and 3 Premises of Strategic Planning & Management

      The Strategic Management System

      5 Phases & 10 Steps  (Overview) of Strategic Planning & Management

      Common Mistakes in Strategic Planning

      The Parallel Involvement process

      Strategic Planning Steps


      Market-Place Positioning for Competitive Advantage

      Future Environmental Scan

      Ideal Future Vision and Mission

      Key Success Measures of the Vision and Missions

      Current understanding and assessments of driving forces

      Crafting of Core Strategies and Values.

      Cascade of Planning

         Three year and annual operation plan for action

         Who do what, by when, how is it review, correct and measure

         Ensuring Alignment of all operational stake holders

      Execution of action plans


      Cascade and manage of Change

      Iceberg Theory of change

      Rollercoaster concept of Change

      The Quarterly and Annually Strategic Review and Update

      Participant Discussions and Presentations

      Case Study




The workshop will be conducted using adult experiential learning methodology, and will consist of:

      Short lecturette to explain the concepts and models

      Real-life cases


      Practical templates, tools, techniques

      Presentations and group discussions



Certificate of attendance carrying the Logo of Haines Centre for Strategic Management, USA will be given upon completion of the workshop.


















Dr. Tan is a Gold Mastery Certificate recipient in Strategic Management from the Haines Centre for Strategic Management, USA, under its certification program sponsored by the University of San Diego. Dr. Tee is one of the Principals of the Haines Centre for Strategic Management.


Haines Centre for Strategic Management is a Global Alliance of Master Consultants, Trainers, Coaches and Facilitators, headquartered in USA, specializing in the Systems Thinking ApproachTM to strategic management. Today, the Haines Centre for Strategic Management has facilitated and trained countless executives/managers including CEOs and Directors in Strategic Management and consulted by numerous organizations of various sizes in their Strategic Management matters.


Kok Tee, is also a Fellow member of the Association of International Accountants, UK (one of the 5 professional accountancy bodies in UK and EEC qualified to be external auditors for PLCs). He also holds an MBA Finance, from the Charles Sturt University, (CSU) Australia.


His other professional memberships included being a member of the Malaysian Association of Company Secretaries, a body prescribed under the Malaysian Companys Act to practice as Company Secretary.


Kok Tee has a total of more than 35 years of working experience, of which 25 years were at senior management level, in commercial enterprises of different sizes and industries such as manufacturing, marketing and distribution, construction and quarrying, and services industries.   During the course of his work, he has acquired invaluable experience and knowledge in the area of Accounts & Finance, Risk and Control, Business Administration, Management Principle and Practice, Business Process Management and improvement, Annual Strategic Planning and Management, Working Capital Management,  Debt Collection Technique, Stock Management, Cost Saving Programs and Customers Service Management.


The sharing of his more than 25 years of knowledge, skill and real life practical experience gained at senior management level through his workshops, In-House Training/Facilitating and Consulting will benefit many managers in the above mentioned areas. 


Kok Tee is also a member of the Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers, a qualified HRDF (Ministry of Human Resource, Malaysia) trainer, an In-House trainer/facilitator for 3 years and an ad hoc lecturer/facilitator for IGS/CSU MBA-Finance program for 10 months.

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Our services are rendered to companies across Asia and other parts of the Globe