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The Art of Consultative Selling Effective Techniques in Winning Customers


Effective Techniques In Winning Customers




2-Day Workshop


Selling is an important function of business. Salespeople must be able to source and bring home new business. To be able to do so, salespeople must be able to develop new techniques and cultivate a winning mindset.

The Art of Consultative Selling workshop will convert mere salespeople (who are merely selling their products) into more effective sales professionals who are solution providers and problem solvers who can complement their clients business needs. This workshop will introduce and reinforce prospecting techniques, behavioural analysis, one-on-one selling, negotiation approaches and closing techniques.





Module 1 : Consultative Selling defined


Key Learning Points:


      Comparing Current Styles of Selling

      Understanding the selling and buying cycles

      Identify Needs

      Needs Versus Wants


Module 2: Managing Relationship Selling


Key Learning Points:


      What is Relationship Selling

      Initiating research and approach stages

      Winning leads

      Contact Strategy


Module 3: Managing Need Identification and Dimensioning


Key Learning Points:


      Identifying Customers Needs

      Old Style Product pushing and Presentation Skills

      Questioning and listening techniques

      Winning prospects confidence





Module 4: Managing, Producing and Monitoring


Key Learning Points:


      Looking at the big picture :Present a whole solution to Needs

      Understanding each need

      Checking agreement with customers before moving to their next point

      Direct close on the whole package

      Provide quality solutions


Module 5: Relationship Selling Skills


Key Learning Points:


      Setting your objectives for meeting

      SMART Objectives

      Never leave things to chance

      Full Sales Objective

       Call preparation checklist


Module 6: Preparation Objectives and Research


Key Learning Points:


      Objectives and focal points of emotion during sales

      Focus of receptivity

      Focus of dissatisfaction

      Focus of power


Module 7: Gaining Entry


Key Learning Points:


      The sales letter

      Selling the meeting not the product

      Setting clear objective for each call

      Talk to the right person




Module 8: Creating The Right To Sell


Key Learning Points:


      The opening of the call

      The questioning strategy

      The Questioning Structure

      Types of questions: Situation Questions; Problem Questions; Implication Questions;  Pay-off Questions; Acceptance Questions and Commitment Questions


Module 9: Features, Advantages, Benefits (FAB) vs.

                  Consultative Selling


Key Learning Points:


      Understanding FAB

      Pairing FAB with Needs

      Pairing FAB with Wants

      FAB and Consultative Selling



Module 10: Handling Objections


Key Learning Points:


      Types of objection

      Do customers always mean what they say

      Winning over objections

      The communication strategy


Module 11: Closing The Sale


Key Learning Points:


      Staying alert to signs



      Body language


Module 12: Sharpening Basic Skills


Key Learning Points:


      Active listening

      Clarification and confirmation techniques

      Meeting of minds

      Using clear English


Module 13: Keeping Ahead of The Game


Key Learning Points:


      Remaining as the best closer

      The learning sequence

      Unconscious and conscious incompetence

      Conscious and unconscious competence

      Learning log


Module 14:   Sales Coaching


Key Learning Points:


      Identifying successful areas

      Identifying areas that need improvement

      Canned presentation vs. Flying by the seat of the pants techniques

      Behaviour during sales

      Walk the talk

      Learning log


Module 15:   Selling Skills Development


                Key Learning Points:


      Designing learning logs

      Determining learning objectives and learning outcomes

      Styles of selling exercises



At the end of the Programme, participants are expected to BE ABLE to:



      Prospect effectively


      Identify the needs wants of clients


      Present product with confidence


      Use the strengths of company to overcome the strengths of competitors


      Develop sell belief in the product


      Create the right atmosphere for a sales pitch


      Cultivate a selling mindset


      Handle objections


      Close sales


      Enhance sell skills and presentation


      Think ahead of clients and competitors


      Train others in selling techniques



Workshops will be conducted in an interactive manner. Trainer / facilitator will coach, guide, teach and encourage delegates to participate in the lessons. There will be role plays, quizzes, discussion sessions, etc.


Skills taught and learnt are transferable.



Sales Managers. Sales Executives.  Sales team.  .People who have to market their products and services.




PHILIP TAN LL.B (Hons); Dip International Advertising (IAA),

Cert.Ed (TESOL). MBA (Hull)



Highly experienced facilitator, motivator and public speaker Philip Tan will facilitate this programme.


A facilitator of varied experience and skills, Philip has his postgraduate management education from the University of Hull, UK. He has served in various capacities in senior management. He has held the responsibilities of vice president of a leading institution of higher learning, chief operating officer of an MSC status company, director of continuing professional education in a hospitality entity and group sales manager of an MLM. He has also served as Senior Examiner for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Asia Pacific Board of Examiners. Philip has also trained headmasters, senior assistants and teachers from the Ministry of Education, the Government of Malaysia, in the use of Executive English. Philip is able to draw upon his past experience and varied qualifications and share them with his participants.


Philip has trained participants from various organisations that include MAYBANK, Public Bank, Corus Hotel, MUI Group, Malaysia Pan Pool S/B, Education Ventures S/B, Fulcrum Management, KUB ROC, Ministry of Education, Jebsen & Jessen, PERDASAMA, FELDA, Johore Tenggara Oil Palm (JTOP), Cadbury, SABIC, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman Telecom, LENO Marketing S/B, Antah Schindler, Texchem, Premium Nutrients Berhad, Machine Knives S/B,  DTZ Property Consultants, etc




An exciting presenter that keeps us alert
Ms Pel Loh, Vice President / General Manager Corus Hotel / MUI Group


His charisma and sense of timing keep the audience focused and entertained

  Mr Guan Swee Kwee, Managing Director, Japan Pulp and Paper


That is what we want from a training provider content plus excitement. 

Puan Linda Tai, Penolong Pengarah / Assistant Director, Ministry of Education.


After Philip hits the stage, whoever comes after will have a tough act to follow.

 Mr U.K. Menon, Academic Director, Stamford College.


Articulate. Perceptive. Witty A Precise Wordsmith.

Mr. Ee Chong Kok, Sales Director, Art Printing Works. (APW)


I would recommend him.

Mr Raymond Chan, Managing Director, Tien Wah Press S/B.


He derives his authority from the credibility of his experience and expertise

Professor James D. Graham, Head of Special Projects South East Asia for University of East London.




DRC Management & Training


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Professional selling skills in Asia, Sales Trainers in Malaysia, Training for Sales Professionals in Malaysia, Salesmanship seminar in Malaysia, Consultative sales training workshop in Malaysia