Successful writing skill workshop - Malaysia....Asia.
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Successful Writing at Work

Successful Writing at Work



This workshop provides participants with detailed guidelines for writing clear, well-organized, and readable documents. This workshop will be rich in practical application equally as useful to those who have little or no job experience as those with years of experience



1.   The Writing Process At Work

·         What writing is not

·         What writing is

·         The writing process

-         Planning

-         Drafting

-         Revising

-         Editing


2.   Meetings at Work

·         Planning a meeting

·         Creating an agenda

·         Writing the minutes


3.   Correspondence

Memos – memo protocol and company policies

-         Functions of Memos

-         Memo Format

-         Memo Style and Tone

-         Strategies for Organizing a Memo

-         Organizational Markers

Faxes – Fax Guidelines

E-mail – Business E-Mail versus Personal E-Mail

            - Guide lines for Using E-Mail

            - E-Mail versus Other Types of Business Communication


4.   Writing Letters

·         The Importance of Letters

·         Making a Good Impression

·         The Process of Writing a Letter

·         Preparing Letters

·         Letter Formats

·         Parts of a Letter

·         Addressing the Envelope

·         Writing for International Readers


5.   Types of Business Letters

·         Inquiry Letters

·         Special Request Letters

·         Sales Letters

·         The Four A’s of s Business Letter

-         Getting the Reader’s Attention

-         Highlighting the Product’s Appeal

-         Showing the Customer the Product’s Application

-         Ending with a Specific Request for Action    

·         Customer Relations Letters

- Diplomacy and Reader Psychology

- The Customers Always Write

- Planning Your Customer Relations

- Being Direct or Indirect

- Follow up letters

- Complaint Letters

- Adjustment Letters

- Refusal- of- Credit Letters


6. Writing Instructions and Procedures

·         Instructions and Your Job

·         Why Instructions Are Important

·         The Variety of Instructions

·         The Process of Writing Instructions

·         Using the Right Style

·         Using Visuals Effectively

·         Writing Procedures for Policies and Regulations


7.   Writing Winning Proposals

·         Guidelines for Writing a Successful Proposal

·         Types of Proposals – Internal and External Proposals

-         Sales  Proposals



8.   Guide to Paragraphs, Sentences, and Words

·         Paragraphs – Writing a Well-Developed Paragraph

-         Characteristics of an Effective Paragraph

·         Sentences – Constructing and Punctuating Sentences

-         What Makes a Sentence

-         Making Subjects and Verbs Agree

-         Writing Sentences That Say What You Mean

·         Words – Spelling Words Correctly

-         Apostrophes

-         Hyphens

-         Numerals versus Words

-         Matching the Right Word with the Right Meaning


Participants: Secretaries, personal assistants, supervisors and all those who want to improve their writing skills.


Duration: Two (2) days



·         Power point presentation

·         Lectures

·         Individual exercises

·         Group discussions

·         Self-assessment, and

·         The preparation of an action plan.

Throughout the workshop participants are required to apply what they have learned to their own work situation.


The Facilitator:

Philip Tan


DRC Management & Training


1B, 2nd Floor, Jalan Emas 4, Taman Emas,

9th Mile Cheras, 43200 Selangor, West Malaysia

E-mail: /

Tel: 016-2095570 / 016-2582100


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Successful writing skill workshop - Malaysia....Asia.