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HRDC / PSMB Claimable Courses


DRC Management & Training PLT



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 01.    Professional Sales & Service Empowerment


 02.    Sun Tzu Art of War in Strategic Combative              

          Management & Marketing


 03.    Marketing & Sales Strategies


 04.    Professional Image Management & Personality



 05.    Reset your Mind, Become a High Achiever


 06.    The Sales Samurai  


 07.    Advance Professional Selling Skills


 08.    Interpersonal & Communication Skills


 09.    Leadership & Sales Management


 10.    Effective Public Speaking Skills


 11.    Professional Customer Service Excellence


 12.    Mastering Leadership, Coaching, Supervisory &

          Organizational Skills


 13.    Leadership, Managerial Skills Empowerment


 14.    Time Mastery for Improving Performance


15.    Constructing & Establishing Corporate Core Values


 16.    Effective Stress Management


 17.    Corporate Teambuilding > Teambonding


 18.    Teambuilding towards Customer Service





Click here to review a series of our Pragmatic Corporate Teambuilding Programs

(Highly motivating, covering pertinent areas on the concepts of teamwork, lots of activities for team simulations, compounding corporate ethics & the impeccable laws of teambuilding, establishing overall leadership as a corporate culture – On the overall very pragmatic towards elevating the spirit of teaming excellence towards increasing qualitative & quantitative productivity.!

Click to discover a wide variety of other soft skills programs

***** Leadership and Management Seminars

***** Motivational Workshops

***** Marketing-Sales-Service Seminars & Workshops

***** Teambuilding-Teambonding Workshops

First get you employees motivated!


Thereafter, consider other seminars to elevate their skills to seriously up-perform beginning with 

(1) Leadership, Supervisory & Organizational Skills 

(2) Professional Selling Skills & Customer Service Excellence Skills 

(3) Teambuilding-Teambonding 

(4) Other Developmental Seminars to follow.


NB: Remember – Employees development requires a step-by-step approach in order to be effective.


MOTIVATION to Boost Performance.

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

It’s about time to motivate your employees to up their performance. 

Employees productivity can up-perform by at least 2-3 times more if they are motivated, 

and if they are managed by a charismatic manager or supervisor.

Get them to be motivated to do the things they think they cannot do.

Get them to do the things they don’t like to do.

Get them to do the things that they are afraid to do.

Get them to cooperate with each other without fear of favor.

Get them to shift their paradigm and move out of their boxed-in-thinking.


Click here to decide on the motivation programs:

Malaysian Motivational Speakers In Malaysia - DRC Management & Training PLT (

(HRDC Approved & Claimable)


Many other seminars on management, leadership, supervisory skills, customer service, 

marketing & sales, teambuilding etc. available at



Dr. William Leon Chua

DRC Management & Training

WhatsApp 0137296728 /

Providing corporate training since 1999 to more than 750 companies

*****5 Star Trainers at your Service*****

"All in-house programs can and  will be customized to your company's specific needs"


A WIDE VARIETY OF CORPORATE TRAINING PROGRAMS: Leadership & Supervisory Skills, Leadership Empowerment & Organizational Skills, Dynamic Sales Empowerment, Sales Team Motivation, Strategic Marketing, Professional Selling Skills, Leadership & Sales Management, Time Mastery & Goals Setting, Customer Service Centric Development, Customer Service & Telephonic Skills, Customer Service Skills for Front Liners, The Sales Samurai, Interpersonal & Communication Skills, Effective Business Meeting, Security Management, Developing Effective Secretaries/Personal Assistants & Office Administrators, Image Management, Finance for Non-Financial Managers, Sun Tzu Art of War, Public Speaking & Presentation Skills, Teambuilding / Team bonding, Stress Management, Strategic Thinking & Problem Solving, Human Resource Management for Non-HR Personnel, Creating a Learning Organization, Confidence & Power in Dealing with People, Managerial & Organizational Skills, Administrative Skills, Impression Management & Etiquette, Motivation Programs: Attitude & Morale Uplift / Leadership Uplift/ Sales Motivation Extravaganza, Managing Change to Achieve High Performance, etc.

Management Training in Malaysia

At DRC Management & Training PLT, our management training services is intended to provide people and teams with the skills and information required to flourish in productivity & leadership positions. We provide management training in Malaysia, including other countries on a variety of topics which can be customized to your exact needs. Our management training programs in Malaysia are specifically designed to address the demands of businesses in the region. Our management training in Malaysia targets specific issues and goals. Our skilled trainers have multi-industrial experiences and have a plethora of managerial knowledge and skills, and they are dedicated to providing a high-quality management training programs that are interesting, interactive, and especially effective.

Whether you want to improve your leadership abilities, the performance of your team, or establish a strategic plan for your organization, our training can benefit you. We are committed to assisting businesses in reaching their full potential through our myriad of management training programs. 

Do contact us if and when you need our services. We look forward to serving You and your Company.


WHATEVER INDUSTRIES: Be it hospitality, manufacturing, construction, IT, financial services (banks, life & general insurance companies or unit trust), logistics, engineering, multi-level marketing, agriculture, pharmaceutical, entertainment – we have the customized corporate training programs.


All our Professional Trainers are qualified industrial practitioners with wide experience and skilled in their field of expertise.

Cutting though mental barriers to empower employees' productivity


Dr. William Leon Chua

(PhD in Organizational Behavior with 30 years of multi-industrial experience / Hon Doctorate in Management & Psychology)

All our programs are approved by HRDC/PSMB

training provider in Malaysia

 ~ We are more than lecturers; we are corporate trainers with the relevant industrial experiences. We not only teach; more so we coach, guide, motivate, create awareness and share our decades of experience. Yes, we provide the latest industrial practices, impart important information and expound with the right approach to ensure effective and immediate application by participants ~

Powerful - Pragmatic - Realistic - Customized Training Programs can make a difference in

employee's performance to uplift the company's productivity.

training provider in malaysia


DRC Management &Training PLT


WhatsApp Preferred - Tel: 6013-7296728

E-mail: /

Malaysia – Brunei – Singapore – Thailand – Indonesia – Cambodia – Laos – Vietnam – Philippines – China – Taiwan – Japan – India – Sri Lanka


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