High Performance through Leadership & Motivational Skills
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High Performance through Leadership & Motivational Skills




Exclusively delivered by Master William Leon Chua




Taking the leadership challenge is to build ‘bridges’ into the future – ‘bridges made of ideas, hope, sincerity and security’. Good Leaders make the difference in all facets of changes and challenges. Whether in war or in business, the quality of our leaders will determine success or failure.

This program will provide the path and the light for establishing a productive and profitable leadership culture. Irrespective of position, everyone should highly cooperative and do their best according to their key responsibility areas. This then reflects the ownership of a leadership culture – allowing leaders to better plan and lead into the future!






Create awareness on the importance of leadership, improve leadership qualities, and establish a productive leadership culture in the Organization






Defining Leadership


The Influence of Leadership on Performance

Understand the variations of performance under the myriad leadership styles


Initiating a Shift towards the Effective ‘Leadership Paradigm’

Paradigm Shifts may move in different directions but the foundation has to be the ‘Leadership Paradigm’


Leadership in the 21st Century

A Video of the same title will be presented


The Leader’s Code of Ethics

Derived from the Ancient and translated for use in the 21st Century


The 5 Self-empowered Qualities of a Leader

Vision Driven – Self-Appreciation – Commitment – Contribution


Leadership Qualities of the Ancient & Modern Warriors

Going to the extreme in understanding what ‘leadership’ really is can make a difference


The Leader’s 7 Miraculous Keys to Powerful Management

(Manifestation – Reciprocity – Honesty – Forgiveness – Passion – Esteem – Transcending the Past)


The 3 Winning Habits of Effective Leaders

Reality Habit – Discipline habit – Action Habit



Leaders in the Way of Communication Excellence

How one communicates can determine many areas of success


Leadership in the Way of Successful Meetings

Meetings is the core of corporate action – Realizing how it should be conducted can have a great difference in teamwork and productivity


Team-bonding Principles for Leaders

15 winning team-bonding principles that all leaders must be aware of


Motivating Tactics for Leaders

Discover how leaders become self-motivated!


Motivating Employees

(Low Producers – Unacceptable Performance – Afraid of Change – Rumor Mechanics – Bad Habits – Backstabbers – Overconfident Employees – Rebels without Cause – Company Saboteurs – Ms. Always Sick – Pessimists – Credit Stealers etc.)


Motivating Employees through Adverse Changes

(Corporate Downsizing – “Rightsizing” – Acquisitions – Layoffs – Inflationary Spiral – Key Management Resignations – Key Employee Resignations – Intense Competition – Threatening News – Bottom-Line Fallout)


Leadership Skills Audit

An exclusive Manual with guidelines is provided. This manual has been used by many progressive Organizations – Offering steps in performing Leadership Audit e.g. Identify Leadership Competencies – Develop a Model of Leadership – Using audit data to build Leadership Skills)


Establishing a Leadership Culture

This must be the desire of every company!



Lecture, Motivation, Video, Assignments, Group Discussion



At the end of the session, participants will have established the need to review their leadership styles. They will be aware of what strategic steps to take in order to better lead and increase productivity.




“A must for all my Managers so that our Company can expedite growth” – “William shared useful and practical principles for consideration and inspire us to act” – “Powerful clarity and informative in delivery” – William relate all issues to real life examples in the Malaysian context” – “The selected movie was well chosen and value-add to the seminar” – “This is the best seminar that I have attended so far in the last five years” – “Inspiring and useful, highly recommendable” – “Now I know what constitute true leadership and will work towards it” – “Excellent speaker” – “Facilitator got us highly motivated and know how to keep the topic lively with inspirational jokes and examples” – “Enthusiastic and energetic, very motivational” – “Applicable to every day’s job and great for the personal development of a manager” – “Great and excellent instructor. He delivered the course smoothly and I have gain knowledge to become a better leader” – “Very detailed and provided useful videos. It makes me fully understand the meaning and definition of great leadership” – “The course has given me a new meaning in the dimension in leadership” – “Excellent course outlines and contents, able to motivate one to a higher level” – “The course has provided ideas for leveraging towards higher productivity” – “Now I can truly differentiate between a boss and a leader” – “I would highly recommend management to have more of this type of course to cater for managers and supervisors” – “Master William is on top of his work. Really appreciate his dedication and passion in imparting his knowledge in the course” – “This course awaken me to realize that we must face the changes and challenges in time to come” – “William is very knowledgeable about the subject” – “Entertaining and easy to understand” – “Highly motivating and inspiring” – “This course made me understand the importance of teamwork and understand the fundamental of change to improve” – “I believe many of us have elevated into the paradigm of leadership and will be able to lead in more challenges”




“Leadership is a gift bestowed to everyone. Either we use it to move to a higher level or we neglect it and hide it in the shadows of cowardice, ignorance and irresponsibility”


                                                                         Quote: DR. William Leon Chua



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High Performance through Leadership & Motivational Skills