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You will learn to:

·                    Be a productive member of an office team

·                    Communicate effectively – both orally and in writing

·                    Manage Records

·                    Assist in the preparation of meetings

·                    Lead and supervise others

·                    Advance on the job


Module 1:

The Changing Workplace

·        The Information Age Office

·        Changes in the Working Environment

·        Career Opportunities

·        Your Career Path


Module 2:

The Office Team and Environment

·        The Internal Team

·        The External Team

·        Organizational Communication


Module 3:

Productivity in the Office

·        The Office Professional and Stress

·        Time Management

·        Time Management Techniques

·        Time Management Systems


Module 4:

Office Communication

·        Communication and Self-Concept

·        Verbal and Nonverbal Communication

·        The Communication Process

·        Reduction of Communication Barriers

·        Communication – A Growth Process


Module 5:


·        Presenting Letters

·        Presenting Reports

·        Preparing and Delivering Oral Presentations

·        Presenting as a Team


Module 6:

Records Management

·        The Importance  of Records Management

·        Trends in Record Management

·        Indexing Rules

·        Records Retrieval, Retention, Transfer, and Disposal


Module 7:


·        Meeting Effectiveness

·        The Office Personnel’s Role in Meetings

·        Responsibilities of the Office Professional for Conferences.


Module 8:

The Office Professional’s Career

·        Employment and Advancement

·        Leadership and Management


Duration: 2 days


Target group: Office administrators, secretaries, personal assistants, supervisors and line leaders.


An interactive approach involving lectures, power point presentations, case studies, self- assessment, questions and answers, simulations and           games   would be adopted.


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Motivational Workshops Asia, Motivational Workshops Europe, Motivational Workshops Malaysia