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 Security Guards Management Workshop


In a world of complex threats, our security depends on all elements of our responsibility - including principle-centered attitude, awareness, skills, communication & diplomacy.


About the Course:

This 2-day course (both days from 9am – 5pm) will introduce key themes in security management in order to improve awareness and develop essential skills in risk management, security assessment and incident management. Participants will learn how to assess their context, to identify risks and to develop security plans.

Beginning with an assessment of the context of working, participants are invited to consider general and specific factors affecting security. This is then put into the context of the security management framework, and approaches to security risk management are introduced. The key strategies for managing security are introduced and the place of each is considered in relation to the operating environment. The course then considers the connection between staff, management and security, including a consideration of organizational roles and responsibilities. Incident management is addressed through a practical group exercise, before the learning from the course is tied together in a session on security planning.


Who should attend?

The course is primarily aimed at security personnel who do or will have a programming role in safety, security & emergency situations.


Course structure:

Registration will take place from 8.45 am on the first day. The course will run from 9 am to 5.00pm each day. Each day is broken up into four sessions, separated by a lunch break and coffee/ tea breaks in the morning and afternoon. From the second day, each day begins with a review of the topics covered the previous day to ensure that the concepts, tools, and frameworks are fully understood. Every day ends with a period of reflection, evaluation, and questions.

Participants will be actively encouraged to engage in classroom discussions, group work and practical exercises. The trainer will draw on both theoretical and practical knowledge in order to make the experience and learning applicable to the realities of safety & security practice.


Training Methodology

Interactive lecture – motivation - brainstorming – physical training on self-defense - role play


What does the course cover?

o   · Operating landscape

o   · Security Management Framework

o   · Environmental scanning

o   · OSH responsibilities

o   · Security risk management

o   · Security strategies

o   · Staff management and security

o   · Incident management

o   · Security planning

o   · Emergency response

o   · Customer service

o   · Conflict resolution

o   · Dealing with aggressive persons

o   · Loss prevention

o   · Hazard identification & risk assessment

o   · Self-defense techniques / physical intervention

o   · The law on self-defense

o   · Discipline & Work ethics

o   · Incident reporting

o   · Supervisory skills

o   · Management skills – leadership & performance management


By the end of the course you will be able to:

(1) Demonstrate context and situational assessments

(2) Explain the relationship between threat, vulnerability and risk and use this to  

     inform a risk assessment

(3) Explain the different security strategies and the pros and cons of each

(4) Demonstrate the steps that should be taken when managing a security incident

(5) Explain how to carry out a security planning process and its importance   



Dr. William Leon Chua has undertaken training & consultation work for Global Facilities Management Sdn. Bhd. which includes customer service & security management. He was the JMB Chairman cum security director of a condo complex with 1,399 apartment units in Cheras where he set up the SOP & provided training and guidance to the 28 security guards. He was also the safety & security consultant for the Deputy President of Dewan Negara (Dato’ Sri Doris Brodie) as and when or where required for 6 years. He was also the Chairman & Chief Instructor of a Martial Arts Association from 1983-1999. Among others such as colleges, clubs & associations, he has also provided training on security & self-defense to the police academy at Pulapah, Ayer Hitam. All in all he has coached and trainer more than 3,000 of his martial arts disciples on self-defense, safety & leadership. Dr. William holds a BA in psychology, a MBA and a PhD in organizational behavior. He has been a full time corporate trainer since 1999 facilitating a myriad of seminars to more than 700,000 personnel from various industries in Malaysia and abroad.


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