Teambuilding Workshop: Building a Superior Team
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Building a Superior Team

















Foreword: Building a Winning Team is the ultimate of every Organization whether in sports or in business. For a fact, where team cohesiveness exists – performance will keep rising. The reverse is true where teamwork is neglected. Effective Leadership and Unconditional Teamwork is the equation for Higher Morale. What are skills and knowledge when it can never be put to full use due to the negatives arising from poor team spirit? If your Organization wishes to transform – begin with this Teambuilding and Motivation workshop.

"A successful team, beats the drum of victory with one heart"


 Course Overview: 35% motivation / 35% team activities / 30% relating to improving work performance

Duration: 2 Days (Saturday – Sunday)
As  arranged
Tea-breaks: 10.30am – 10.50am / 3.30pm – 3.50pm Lunch: 1.00pm – 2.00pm



Professional Fee:

RM9,000 inclusive of logistics, handouts and certificates of participation



1.     The Power of Self-Appreciation

2.     Happiness is a Choice

3.     Leader-shift your Working Paradigm

4.     Fear as a Tool for Empowerment

5.     The Path to Courage Building

6.     Getting Out of the Zone of Mediocrity

7.     Transforming into a Servant Leader

8.     The Ethics of Service Leaders

9.     Increasing your Capacity as a Leader

10.   Effective Communication & Interpersonal Skills



11.  Failing & Moving Upward as an Experienced Team

12.  Moving into the Region of Team-Excellence

13.  Corporate Ethics that Strongly Binds Everyone in a Team

14.  The Dynamic Laws of Team-bonding

15.  Changing for the Better as a Unified Team

16.  Mastering Time & Achieving Higher Performance

17.  Accepting Changes & Creating Challenges as a Team

18.  Strategic Development for Business Expansion


All in 18 Motivational Items to Lift Up Staffs Morale, Enthusiasm & Performance


TEAM-ACTIVITIES – These corporate teaming games will be introduced n both days.

  • Creative Team Songs – Uplifting Team Morale
  • The Magic Carpet – Change Endorsement
  • Courage Building – Challenge your Courage
  • Nothing is Impossible – Encouraging the Enthusiasm to Accept Challenges
  • Bursting Bad Habits – Polishing Attitude for Success
  • Stretch-Stretch – Endorsing the Need to Go the Extra Mile
  • Human Tabling – Empowering Inter-dependency
  • The B-Pass - Speeding up Work Processes
  • Caterpillar Run - Coordination Empowerment
  • Human Pyramid – Moving Upward in Performance
  • Time-Bomb Challenge – Improving Time Management
  • He’s Not Heavy He’s My Colleague – Empowering Mutual Support
  • Win-Win Tug of War – Endorsing Win-Win Attitude
  • Trust Fall – Injecting the Spirit of Mutual Trust
  • Blind Mines – The Ultimate Supervisory Skills
  • Straw Band - Identifying Communication Problems
  • 3 X 5 Steps Coordination
  • Flag Raising - The Ultimate Team Challenge



  • Building confidence to realize hidden talents
  • Enhancing the joy in working singly and as a unified team
  • Building an all-round leadership spirit
  • Cohering & committing people towards Mission & Vision
  • Maximizing resources for higher returns



Master (Dr.) William Chua Beng Leong (registered HRDF trainer)

William is a very experienced team-builder and a master motivator. He has facilitated teambuilding workshops to more than 100 companies during the last decade. He has also stood as a motivator for more than 500,000 professionals and students for the last 2 decades. He is both a Martial Artist and a Philosopher. He is both a Management and a Strategic Marketing Consultant. He holds a Diploma in Sales Management, a BA majoring in Psychology, a MBA, and a Doctorate in Business Management. He has been regarded by many as one of the best motivator in Malaysia, as well as many has commented that his approach to teambuilding is one of the best (if not the best) in the Asia Pacific Region.


Organized By:

DRC Management & Training PLT

~ The Center of Master Teambuilders ~

Contact Person: Mr. Bill

Tel-WhatsApp: 013-7296728

E-mail: /

Building winning teams for more than a decade

(Your choice team-builder)


The No: 1 Team-builder in Asia

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Teambuilding Workshop: Building a Superior Team