Seminar on Effective Business Meetings in Malaysia, Training Program on Effective Business Meetings in Malaysia Asia, Training on Effective Business Meetings in Malaysia Asia, Effective Business Meetings Workshop for Managers in Malaysia
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Effective Business Meetings


How To Run Better Business Meetings


2-Day Workshop

Meeting is business. The business meeting today is management’s most useful tool for getting its job done. Now, more than ever, the meeting has become the place where data are sorted, analyzed, regrouped and distributed. As the speed of information dissemination has increased, the ability to handle it has become more vital. There is little point in speeding up the flow of information if the result is an unmanageable glut. So the need for efficient meetings is greater today – and likely to increase in the dynamic competitive environment of business.

This 2- day workshop “MEETINGS: How To Run Better Business Meetings” is designed to increase the efficiency of business meetings ranging from the seemingly routine working meeting to the powerful top-management decision-making conclave.

This workshop covers 8 key areas of meetings.





DAY 1 


Module 1:     The Meeting Scrutinised


·         Definition of a meeting

·         Meetings and the communication chain

·         The role of meeting

·         Working meetings

·         Why do business people dislike meetings?

·         The problems with meetings

·         The source of poor meetings

·         Good, Bad, and Unnecessary meetings

·         Is this meeting necessary?

·         Reasons to call a meeting

·         Meetings cost money

·         How to determine the cost of a meeting

·         A budget for meetings



Module 2:                 Your Personal Stake in Good Meetings


·         Meetings to recruit new managers and executives

·         Climbing the executive ladder

·         Meetings to develop new managers

·         Meetings teach organisation


Module 3:                 Meeting Dynamics


·         Readiness factors

·         The personality of a meeting

·         Creating a positive climate

·         Meeting roles

·         Who should attend?

·         How many should be invited?

·         Attendance guidelines

·         How about your boss?

·         Departmental representation

·         More than 15 people?

·         When to meet?

·         How long the meeting?


Module 4:     Blueprint for a Successful Meeting


·         The importance of an Agenda

·         Planning the strategy of the meeting

·         Guidelines for an effective agenda

·         Set up topics for discussion

·         Avoiding umbrella topics

·         Consider barriers that might arise

·         The strategy of assigned meeting roles

·         Inviting agenda topics

·         The agenda as a disciplinary agent

·         Types of agendas

·         Using agenda to get ready

·         Using prepared checklists

-          meeting planning checklist

-          meeting notification form

-          meeting action plan

·         following up the invitation

·         the agenda ending on a positive note

·         the power of a good summary

·         the agenda—once the meeting is over



Day 2


Module 5:     The Meeting Room – Battle Arena or Workshop?


·         Meeting atmosphere

·         What’s available?

·         Meeting site criteria

·         Size of the room

·         Acoustics

·         Lighting

·         Distractions

·         Access to the room

·         Ventilation

·         Five Basic Room Arrangements

·         Meeting room equipment

·         Strategies in people placement



Module 6:                 Using Leadership Skills


·         Leadership can be learned

·         Showmanship and charisma

·         Stage presence

·         The executive’s view of self

·         Control: The Basic Skill

·         How to act like a leader

·         The rules of good meeting leadership

·         How to open a meeting

·         Techniques for leading a meeting

·         Leadership cautious

·         How to close a meeting

·         Meeting minutes

·         Personal leadership evaluation



Module 7:     The Skills of Participation


·         Tips for Meeting Participants

·         How to listen?

·         Guidelines for good listening

·         A formula for presenting ideas

·         The politics of presenting an idea

·         Take home personal minutes


Module 8:     Staff and Committee Meetings


·         Formula for effective meetings

·         Committee meetings

·         Task force committee

·         Designing successful committee

·         Meeting below management level





At the end of the Programme, participants are expected to BE ABLE to:


ü      Determine the necessity of a meeting

ü      Plan a focused agenda for a meeting

ü      Determine the people to invite for a meeting

ü      Chair a meeting with effectiveness and efficiency

ü      Encourage participants to contribute constructively at the meeting

ü      Maintain discipline of a meeting

ü      Encourage participants to come prepared for a meeting

ü      Fulfill the objectives of a meeting

ü      Manage time of a meeting effectively

ü      Increase the productivity of an organisation



Workshops will be conducted in an interactive manner. Trainer / facilitator will coach, guide, teach and encourage participants to be actively involved. There will be role plays, and discussion sessions, etc.


Skills taught and learnt are immediately applicable.





Managers. Heads of departments. Executives. All those people who have subordinates working for them.



PHILIP TAN LL.B (Hons); Dip International Advertising (IAA),

Cert.Ed (TESOL). MBA (Hull)



Highly experienced facilitator, motivator and public speaker Philip Tan will facilitate this programme.


A facilitator of varied experience and skills, Philip has his postgraduate management education from the University of Hull, UK. He has served in various capacities in senior management. He has held the responsibilities of vice president of a leading institution of higher learning, chief operating officer of an MSC status company, director of continuing professional education in a hospitality entity and group sales manager of an MLM. He has also served as Senior Examiner for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Asia Pacific Board of Examiners. Philip has also trained headmasters, senior assistants and teachers from the Ministry of Education, the Government of Malaysia, in the use of Executive English. Philip is able to draw upon his past experience and varied qualifications and share them with his participants.


Philip has trained participants from various organisations that include MAYBANK, Public Bank, Corus Hotel, MUI Group, Malaysia Pan Pool S/B, Education Ventures S/B, Fulcrum Management, KUB ROC, Ministry of Education, Jebsen & Jessen, PERDASAMA, FELDA, Johore Tenggara Oil Palm (JTOP), Cadbury, SABIC, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman Telecom, LENO Marketing S/B, Antah Schindler, Texchem, Premium Nutrients Berhad, Machine Knives S/B,  DTZ Property Consultants, etc




Ms Pel Loh, Vice President / General Manager Corus Hotel / MUI Group

“An exciting presenter that keeps us alert”


 Mr Guan Swee Kwee, Managing Director, Japan Pulp and Paper

 “His charisma and sense of timing keep the audience focused and entertained”


 Puan Linda Tai, Penolong Pengarah / Assistant Director, Ministry of Education.

 “That is what we want from a training provider – content plus excitement”.


Mr U.K. Menon, Academic Director, Stamford College.

“After Philip hits the stage, whoever comes after will have a tough act to follow.”


Mr. Ee Chong Kok, Sales Director, Art Printing Works. (APW)

“Articulate. Perceptive. Witty – A Precise Wordsmith.”


Mr Raymond Chan, Managing Director, Tien Wah Press S/B.

“I would recommend him”


Professor James D. Graham, Head of Special Projects South East Asia for University of East London.

“He derives his authority from the credibility of his experience and expertise”


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Seminar on Effective Business Meetings in Malaysia, Training Program on Effective Business Meetings in Malaysia Asia, Training on Effective Business Meetings in Malaysia Asia, Effective Business Meetings Workshop for Managers in Malaysia