Strategic Thinking for Management Team
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Strategic Thinking for Management Team


Strategic Thinking for Management Team




Strategic thinking requires one to be aware of what goes on around. It combines rational and intuitive thinking to think ahead to what can happen and what can go wrong. This equips leaders in the organization to create a sound strategy that will be realized. Strategic planning is about getting the team and or, organization to go where it needs to go. This program will guide you through process of strategy formulation and implementation in today’s dynamic internet-speed business environment

Course Benefit


1.   Identify strategies to better position their organization for long-term competitive advantage

2.   Formulate strategic plans to help their organization advance and grow

3.   Understand the tools used in strategic thinking and planning

4.   Detect the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) that drive strategy

5.   Translate strategy into action plans, including consideration on how to execute strategy and deliver results through people and processes

6.   Establish strategic planning, monitoring and controlling mechanisms that ensure positive results

7.   Be  able  to  explain  what  is  meant  by  the  terms  strategic  thinking,  strategic  planning and

strategic management”

8.   Understand the relative place of strategic thinking and policy analysis in the overall value creation chain

9.   Be equipped with a range of creative tools that are used in strategic thinking and know where to

look for follow-up information

10. Have had some hands-on experience of using both the creative tools and an organizing framework within which to approach strategic thinking and long-range policy formulation



Who Will Benefit From This Program


This program is designed for in management positions


The Key Benefits In Attending This Workshop


·       Develop managers and equip them with skills to more strategic in their thinking and have the ability and confidence to develop a strategic business plan to support their organizations’ mission and vision

·       Provide managers with a framework for developing, adapting and aligning organizational vision, mission, and goals to achieve and sustain competitive advantage

·       Managers gain the knowledge needed to formulate, execute and monitor the strategic planning for

their organization based on proven analytical techniques and models

·       Increase certainty in achieving business results (depending on individual’s KPIs)




This is an Action Based Learning (ABL) program that integrates multi approach learning methodology, and an engaging session that involves every participant actively throughout the program.



Training Contents


Day One


Session 1


Introduction to Strategic Thinking and Planning

·       What is strategy’, ‘strategic thinking and planning’?

·       Why is it important?

·       How does it impact the organization?

·       How does it impact the team?

·       Understanding  the  differences  between  strategic  thinking,  strategic  planning  and  strategic management

·       Strategy/Tactic/Task Differentiating the three elements

·       What skill sets and mental attributes are involved in strategic thinking?

·       What are the intended results?


Session 2


Defining the strategic planning steps

·       Defining the approach and content (who, what, where, when, how, etc.)


Session 3

Formulating the Strategic Plan: Toolkit for strategic thinking and planning


1.   Mission, Vision, Values, goals (MVVG)

·    Future-scaping

·    Insight, forecasting and foresight


2.   Environmental analysis

·    SWOT analysis (internal vs. external)

·    DOME methodology

·    Value-chain analysis

·    Gap analysis


Day Two

Session 4

Managing Opportunities


3.   Building and recommending solutions

·    Resource requirements and alignment to organization’s capabilities

·    Untangling complexities

·    Critical decision making

·    Scenario planning

·    Risk management

·    Developing options


  4.  Where is my Niche?

·       An introduction to a blue ocean and a red ocean

·       Identifying continuous growth and innovation opportunities

·       Adapting mindset to incorporate an innovation culture using strategic logic and implementable principles


Session 5

Value Innovation For Futurist Thinkers


 5.  Core strategic innovation toolkit and framework ( Part 1 )

·       Identifying and categorizing key value features of your business

·       Qualifying and quantifying key value features of your product/service

·       offering in a way that gives you a clear sense of how valuable your customers

·       perceive them to be


6.  Core Strategic Innovation Toolkit and Framework ( Part 2 )

·       The ‘Current’ curve Visualizing the current industry landscape

·       Competitor’s ‘Current’ curve Awareness and understanding of the industry and competition

·       The ‘Future’ curve Formulating, forecasting and executing for the future, focusing on the big picture

·       DDIA (Delete, Decrease, Increase, Add) The process tool that helps your business focus on the correct ways to reduce costs while increasing buyer value

·       Case  study  How one  business  engages  a  high-performing team of  creative  people  to  deliver innovation







Timothy graduated with a Diploma In Management from the Malaysian Institute of Management in 1996. In 1999, he went on to pursue a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and subsequently an MBA, specializing in Organization Behavior from the University of Newcastle, Australia. Back in Malaysia, Tim was a Licensed Trainer facilitating for various MNC’s and holds the prestigious Award For Teaching, Training and Assessments from tity & Guilds London in the Year 2004. The combination of his academic background and vast corporate experience made him a sought after facilitator in various aspects of training.

The sector of the market that easily identifies with his forte includes improving sales for high-end retail companies, strategic team enhancement, personality profiling, communication skills, strategic human resource development and customer service, in the hospitality, pharmaceutical, retail and financial industries. In a training career that has spanned a decade and a half [since1993], his audience includes organizations such as Citibank, Alstom Energy Power (M), TRW Automotive Services, Deustch Bank, Maybank, B Braun, Schering-Plough, Concorde Hotel, Prince Hotel, Siemens, Pantai Medical, Kompakar, Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Telekom Malaysia (TM), TotoWashlet (M), Perfect Food (M),CIMB Group, BERNAMA, AKADEMI PENCEGAH RASUAH (MACA), MINDEF,  APIIT and institutes of higher learning. Tim is also one of the Panel of Certified Trainers by Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) who conducts the ‘‘Train The Trainer Program’’ who is much sought after as a ‘Master Trainer that shares his knowledge and skills as an Active Practitioner in the Organisation Learning and Development Faculty.

Tim is the Managing Consultant and Master Trainer of Total Innovation Management® Sdn.Bhd., a premier Organisation Learning & Development Consultancy. He is a dynamic Entrepreneur, engaging Facilitator and Speaker with tremendous experience in sharing of knowledge and a Life Coach making an impact to lives and participants who attends his facilitation sessions in Malaysia.

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Strategic Thinking for Management Team