Achieve your Potential in Life
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Achieve your Potential in Life




Exclusively delivered by Master (Dr.) William Leon Chua


"Our way of thinking, creates good or bad outcomes - and if you believe strongly in something, stand up and persistently work on it. Your determination will uplift your spirit"



This program/workshop is intended to provide an everlasting source of inspiration and guidance for participants wishing to become high achievers. The principles provided with examples will help participants realize that it does not take superhuman to conquer the great mountains of life or to achieve great heights of success.


To inculcate positive changes so that participants can move on from the sea of mediocrity to the ocean of success. To create awareness – we are what we think. Positives changes will give positive results.


Day 1




*Do you have what it take to be a High Achiever?


1. Achievers versus High Achievers


2. Ten Questions that Could Change Your Life

*5 Habits of High Achievers


1. High Achievers are willing to do what they Fear


2. High Achievers are willing to make serious



3. High Achievers are willing to risk failure


4. High Achievers are

passionate in what they do

*High Achievement is Action Multiplication


1.The Peak Principles of High Achievement


2. Living by the Rules of



3. Accuracy in choosing Goals


4. Using High-Achiever Tools


5. Life is a Series of Renewals


6. Ascending Beyond your ‘Personal Everest’









This program is intended for those who desire to make positive changes to their lives and be successful.


High motivational lecture - group discussions -simulation activities - videos


1 Day

Dr. William Leon Chua

One of the foremost motivator, management consultant & corporate trainer in Asia

Dr. William Leon Chua BA MBA PhD is the Founder and Principal Consultant of DRC Management & Training PLT (formerly known as COMBATIVE RESOURCES Worldwide). The name COMBATIVE RESOURCES was chosen to reflect the seriousness in the mission to assist Companies to compete effectively & successfully. A sought-after management consultant; and compelling corporate trainer & motivator on leadership, teamwork, interpersonal skills, communication skills, strategic marketing, professional selling skills, customer service, corporate & social ethics, mind-set change, and high performance management, he speaks to audiences around the Asia-Pacific Region, and occasionally in Europe. He is the director and producer of two corporate training videos – ‘Manifestation & Transformation’ and ‘The Kung-Fu of Business Management’. The video ‘Manifestation & Transformation’, a paradigm-shifting video that challenges our thoughts in tandem with what Mother Nature has to offer and that success is within everyone’s reach. As for the video ‘The Kung-Fu of Business Management’, a great expound on Age Old Wisdom with the Way of Modern Management. Dr. William is able to infuse the maxims, concepts and philosophy of the Martial Arts into the essence of Modern Management based on his more than 30 years involvement in the Martial Arts. Both videos offer learnable and measurable skills that make organizations more competitive, more profitable, managers more leadership driven, people more productive and relationships more positively energizing.

He is a member of the Malaysia Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS) and a registered corporate trainer with the Human Resource Development Federation of Malaysia (HRDF).

Academically - he has acquired a Diploma in Sales Management, a Diploma in Business & Management, a BA majoring in Psychology, a MBA and a PhD in Organizational Behaviour. In the past he has worked in a managerial capacity with eleven companies including multi-nationals, both locally in Malaysia and in Canada & Hawaii; designated in various positions, some of which are – Branch Manager, Agency Manager, Group Marketing Manager, Group Human Resource Manager, General Manager & CEO. His working exposure in industries such as financial & investment, construction & manufacturing, time-share & hospitality etc. has complemented his academic mind-set to enable him as an effective management consultant & corporate trainer. During the last 15 years he has facilitated a myriad of seminars to more than 750,000 professionals (from more than 500 Companies), including students. Besides, he has also trained more than 5,000 of his disciples in the way of the mixed martial arts from year 1982 to 2000.


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Achieve your Potential in Life