Executive & managerial development seminar. A seminar to motivate and uplift the performance of executives and managers. A paradigm shift seminar for executives and managers.
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Awakening to the Shift of Management Paradigms



This motivation program is intended to be a mind opener, unlocking the myriad of doors to sow the seeds of awareness.



(a) Creating awareness on rooms for improvement & the need for change 

(b) Motivating participants to work cohesively & productively



This seminar is for all Executives & Senior Managers from all departments whose job requires that they improve their leadership qualities, organization & management skills.




Commencing at 9.00am


1. Discovering your Potential 

   - Begin your discovery today...             


2. Aptitude Empowerment 

     - The journey of continuous learning  


3. Overcoming the ''Rocking Chair Syndrome'' 

    - Annihilating the unproductive & average performance norms  


4. Knowing your Skill Needs 

    - A time to probe, assess & analyze 


5. Deviating from Quality Burnout 

     - Know when you are loosing passion in what you do & facing a burnout in performance  


Tea-Break: 10.30am to 10.45am


6. The Stairways to TQM 

     - Implementing the strategic steps  


7. Change Management 

     - Know the strategic steps in managing change 


8. Getting out of your ''Mental Cage'' 

     - Defining the elements that hinder your passion for success  


Lunch: 1.00pm to 2.00pm


9. Moving up from your Performance Level to your Potential Level 

     - Know what it takes to fly above the norm 


10. How to get out of the Losers'' Pit 

       - Knowing the attitude & ways of the winners, average performers & losers 


11. Success is by Design Not by Chance 

       - Mapping the path towards high performance 


Tea-Break: 3.30pm to 3.45pm


12. Time Management & You 

       - Ways to maximize time to achieve more 


13. Building ''bridges'' into the future 

       - Knowing & appreciating what it takes to be realistically futuristic  


14. The Matrix of Paradigms 

       - Moving from paradigm paralysis to paradigm shifts.


End of Program: 5.00 pm



1 Day (From 9.00 am to 5.00 pm)


Interactive Lecture, Motivation & Creating Awareness, Brain-storming, Exclusive Videos, Group-Interaction with light activities.


Dr. William Leon Chua PhDis the Founder, Chief Trainer and Principal Consultant of DRC Management & Training PLT. He is a sought-after management consultant; and compelling corporate trainer & motivator on Leadership Empowerment, Strategic Management, Teambuilding, Inter-personal & Communication skills, Strategic Marketing, Professional Selling Skills, Customer Service, Sun Tzu Art of War, Corporate Ethics, Mind-set Change, TQM, and High Performance Management etc. He speaks to audiences in Malaysia, around the Asia-Pacific Region, and occasionally in Europe.

He was a member of the Malaysia Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS) & the Malaysia Institute of Management (MIM) and a registered corporate trainer with the Human Resource Development Federation of Malaysia (HRDF).

Academically - he has acquired a Diploma in Sales Management from IMM, a Diploma in Business & Management from Swansea, a BA majoring in Psychology from University of Hawaii, a MBA and a PhD in Organizational Behavior from IUKL.

Working Experience - With his more than 30 years of multi-industrial experience complemented with his 20 years as a professional corporate trainer, he has amassed volumes of skills and ideas. He is more than a lecturer, he is a corporate trainer qualified with years of in-depth multi-industrial experience. During this 2-day program he will impart 30 years of his research and invaluable experiences on the subject matter to the participants. 

All in all, he has provided corporate training to more than 700 companies ranging from manufactories, universities, hotels, wholesalers……to banks and insurance companies etc.

His approach to facilitating seminars is – research-based & up-to-date informative, entertaining, highly motivating and at the same time, serious in approach to ensure that learning is effectively projected into action and results.


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Executive & managerial development seminar. A seminar to motivate and uplift the performance of executives and managers. A paradigm shift seminar for executives and managers.