Seminar on Strategic Alliance & Smart Partnership in Malaysia, Seminar on Strategic Alliance & Smart Partnership in Asia
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Strategic Alliance & Smart Partnership

Strategic Alliance and Smart Partnership

2-Day Workshop


So it has been said that, “No man is an island”. Neither is an organisation or a company or a State. For a State to grow and succeed it must form strategic alliances. These strategic alliances are higher level relationships called smart partnerships.

These 4-Day programme will take delegates through the understanding and practical need for strategic alliances and smart partnership.

There will be two core areas in the training. Firstly, there will be the introduction and understanding of concepts. The second part will involve a lot of participation from the delegates in the form of role plays, analyzing case studies and debriefing sessions.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the training, delegates are expected to be able to:

·         Demonstrate an understanding on the benefits of forming a strategic alliance

·         Align their actions with the vision and mission of the organisation

·         Use SWOT to help and guide them towards achieving their goals

·         Determine criteria to establish a strategic alliance

·         Evaluate potential alliances

·         Develop a mental template of negotiation

·         Negotiate for a Win-Win situation in forming strategic alliances

·         Respect each other rights and obligations in a smart partnership

Delivery Methodology

Lectures, Case studies, Discussions and role plays from delegates.

Programme Outlines

 Session 1: Strategic Alliance

·        What does strategic alliance mean to you?

·        The inherent meaning  of strategy

·        The inherent meaning of alliance

Session 2: Vision and Misssion

·         Who are we?

·         Where do we want to go

·         How do we plan to get there?

Session 3:  Doing Our SWOT

·         Can we get to our goals on our own?

·         Who do we need?

·         List down the people / companies / countries that can help you get to your goals

Session 4: Setting Objectives and Goals

·         Objectives vs. goals

·         Setting goals

·         Setting objectives

·         The SMART Approach

Session 5: Selecting Your Strategic Partner

·         Brainstorming

·         Setting your criteria

·         Making a decision

Session 6: Strategic Business Alliance

·         Types of strategic alliances

·         Business makes the world goes round

·         Examples of strategic alliances

·         Benefits of strategic alliances

Session 7:  Forming Strategic Alliances

·         Strategic alliance guidelines

·         Strategic alliance agreements

Session 8: The Art of Negotiation in the Making of Strategic Alliances

·         Understanding a position

·         Identifying an interest

·         Negotiating for a Win-Win Situation

·         When everything else fails, go BATNA

Session 9: Smart Partnership

·         What to expect in a partnership?

·         Fiduciary duty

·         Agency principles

Session 10: Your Road Map

·         Action plan towards forming a strategic alliance



PHILIP TAN LL.B (Hons); Dip International Advertising (IAA),

Cert.Ed (TESOL). MBA (Hull) 


Highly experienced facilitator, motivator and public speaker Philip Tan will facilitate this programme.

A facilitator of varied experience and skills, Philip has his postgraduate management education from the University of Hull, UK. He has served in various capacities in senior management. He has held the responsibilities of vice president of a leading institution of higher learning, chief operating officer of an MSC status company, director of continuing professional education in a hospitality entity and group sales manager of an MLM. He has also served as Senior Examiner for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Asia Pacific Board of Examiners. Philip has also trained headmasters, senior assistants and teachers from the Ministry of Education, the Government of Malaysia, in the use of Executive English. Philip is able to draw upon his past experience and varied qualifications and share them with his participants.

Philip has trained participants from various organisations that include MAYBANK, Public Bank, Corus Hotel, MUI Group, Malaysia Pan Pool S/B, Education Ventures S/B, Fulcrum Management, KUB ROC, Ministry of Education, Jebsen & Jessen, PERDASAMA, FELDA, Johore Tenggara Oil Palm (JTOP), Cadbury, SABIC, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman Telecom, LENO Marketing S/B, Antah Schindler, Texchem, Premium Nutrients Berhad, Machine Knives S/B,  DTZ Property Consultants, etc



Ms Pel Loh, Vice President / General Manager Corus Hotel / MUI Group

“An exciting presenter that keeps us alert”

 Mr Guan Swee Kwee, Managing Director, Japan Pulp and Paper

 “His charisma and sense of timing keep the audience focused and entertained”

 Puan Linda Tai, Penolong Pengarah / Assistant Director, Ministry of Education.

 “That is what we want from a training provider – content plus excitement”.

Mr U.K. Menon, Academic Director, Stamford College.

“After Philip hits the stage, whoever comes after will have a tough act to follow.”

Mr. Ee Chong Kok, Sales Director, Art Printing Works. (APW)

“Articulate. Perceptive. Witty – A Precise Wordsmith.”

Mr Raymond Chan, Managing Director, Tien Wah Press S/B.

“I would recommend him”

Professor James D. Graham, Head of Special Projects South East Asia for University of East London.

“He derives his authority from the credibility of his experience and expertise”


DRC Management & Training


1B, 2nd Floor, Jalan Emas 4, Taman Emas,

9th Mile Cheras, 43200 Selangor, West Malaysia

E-mail: /

Tel: 016-2095570 / 016-2582100


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Seminar on Strategic Alliance & Smart Partnership in Malaysia, Seminar on Strategic Alliance & Smart Partnership in Asia