Motivational training Malaysia, Motivation seminars Malaysia Asia. Personal development for corporate staff. Inspiring staff to up-perform. Motivation workshops in Malaysia.
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Prepare Yourself for Success


    Exclusive delivered by Mr. Ng Thian Watt   




Preparing yourself for success is a broad topic yet essential to every individual. Success does not comes by default and neither it is just pure luck. Most if not all successful people become successful because they chose to be successful; they continuously dream and woke up to action on success. They prepare and plan their lives journey i.e. in business, at work, at home, in marriage etc. This program is an eye-opener and a wake-up call for organisation and individuals who seek success for themselves, their companies, staffs, families and friends.



The Objectives of this program is to prepare participants Emotionally, Mentally, Physically and Spiritually strong to meet challenges in life.



1.       Preparing your Emotion for Success

-     ENTHUSIASM – The ‘God’ within and how to awake this power.

-     PASSION – Discover what you are passionate about. Discover the source of Persistence and Determined

-     DESIRE – Successful people do not drive themselves to success, they were driven”

-  Dr. Napoleon Hill  - The nine Desires and how you can use them to drive you to success.

-    Filling your Love Tanks.

-    Managing Negatives Emotions.


2.       Preparing your Mind for Success

-    Characteristics of the Mind.

-    The Why and How of ‘Abundance’ mentality.

-     Conscious and Subconscious Mind: How to get what you want through your subconscious mind.

-    Fill your Mind with more knowledge – Continuous Learning.


3.       Preparing your Soul for success

-    The Universal Law – Love yourself, love Others, love the Environment

-    Pay attention to Spiritual Life.

-    Contribute to the Community.

-    You can connect to the ‘God’ and even change your ‘Karma’ – Meditation


4.       Preparing your Body for success

-    Physical health

-    What to avoid

-    Alternative medicines

-    Mental and Emotion Health

-    Pleasing Personality – make yourself likeable and lovable

-     ACTION is the key to success. You can take ACTION only when your Body is healthy.



Any adult who wants to succeed in his/her career, business, marriage and parenthood.



Motivational Lecture, Q & A, Video Presentation, Interactive Participation etc.



2 Days





Mr. Ng Thian Watt is the Success Inspirer who focuses on Motivation, Teambuilding, Personal/Corporate Development and Changing Mindset.

He was the Director of Training and Education of Napoleon Hill Associates Sdn Bhd, a Licensed American Program. He is currently the Second Vice President of Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers

He served in Malaysia’s largest commercial Bank for 35 years, rising from rank and file to Senior Management position including the Chief Manager of Credit Card and Regional Manager heading 28 Branches. After retirement he was contracted as full time Banking Advisor and Trainer of an anchor bank in Malaysia for five years He was also a full time banking consultant to Myanmar’s largest Private bank for two years before going into full time training.


Achievement through Teamwork: Through his ability to conjure up Team spirit, cultivating Leadership qualities and Team management, Mr. Ng achieved many commendations in work including winning the Best Branch Award out of 190 Branches in 1984/1985. His Quality Circle Team won the Championship Award out of 41 Circles.

His Bank Marketing Plan won the Most Outstanding Award adding colors to his Executive Bank Marketing Diploma.


A passionate Trainer enriched with working and social experience, Mr. Ng is imaginative, enthusiastic, humorous and charismatic in his delivery.


He has appeared several times on the TV 2’s BE EXCELLENT Motivation series. He has conducted training programs in Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar and Singapore. Had been a contract Speaker for two public listed Insurance companies in Malaysia and is currently a contract Trainer for an established adult learning centre apart from conducting training programs for public, SMI and Corporations.


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Motivational training Malaysia, Motivation seminars Malaysia Asia. Personal development for corporate staff. Inspiring staff to up-perform. Motivation workshops in Malaysia.