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Discovering Leadership, Developing Leaders

Discovering Leadership, 

Developing Leaders


Many a time employees do not realize their true leadership potential in them, thus resulting in many inefficiencies at the workplace and reducing effectiveness and productivity. Everyone has the leader character in them and it is all about realizing it and being aware of your own true potential.


With this program, we help employees to realize their leadership capabilities and develop their potential so that they would in the end develop more future leaders in their workplace, hence optimizing efficiency and productivity. 


This program is designed to:

·    Help participants discover that they already possess leadership characteristics in them, what they need is to make get it structured and systematically practice them in order to become a great leader

·    Help participants be aware that there are other leadership characteristics that they need to acquire, practice and make these part of their habits.


1.   Leaders are Energetic: They set high performance standards and they are visionary and goal setters.

Leaders must possess high level of energy in order to move forward and inspire his people. They have to be always bright and energetic as to be an example for his people to be bright and energetic as well. This energetic atmosphere will create a high performance work environment.


Today is a Great Day!

Participants are taught on the catch phrase “Today is a Great Day!” which will be used throughout the program to energize themselves.


·    Participants will be energized and influence others to be energetic as well.

· They will commit to setting high performance standard.


2.  Leaders are Change Agents: They possess the right mindset

Leaders have to be adaptable in all situations. When the time comes for a change, a leader should be able to recognize it and act accordingly.


Knowing You, Knowing Me


·         Be more alert to changes outside

·         Be prepared to be a Change Agent


3.      Leaders are Learners: They continuously upgrade themselves.

Leaders know that everyday is a learning process and everyday is a potential day to learn something new and they should always be aware of new things to educate themselves in.


Continuous Learning


·    Learn to be more aware on the aspect of educating themselves and how to go about it.

·    Have the initiative to constantly upgrade themselves to better themselves every day.

·    Learn the ways to be a better performing individual on a daily basis.


4.   Leaders are Task and People Oriented: They are relationship builders, motivators and influencers of people around them.

Leaders have to be people oriented in order for them to enable themselves to be one with their team and this will create a united front among the leader and their members to push forward and face challenges.


Leadership Style


·         Learn the various styles of leadership.

·         Build good workplace relationships with others.

·         Enhance relationships; sustain and create high functioning teams.


5.   Leaders are Great Communicators: They are able to communicate well with people and their surroundings and are also great listeners.

A leader requires good communication skills to be able to communicate and comfortably work with different types of people. They must also have great listening skills to ascertain and react properly to people’s emotions and needs.


Communication Skills and breaking down barriers


·     Communicate well with others.

      Become more attentive listeners to internal and external customers

·     Understand people’s needs around them.

·     Negotiate and come up with solutions to people’s problems.


6.   Leaders “Go the Extra Mile”: They walk the talk and make sacrifices.

Leaders lead by example. They show that they are able to make sacrifices and do whatever it takes to push ahead and they do it by knowing that there are times where we need to be prepared to sacrifice in order to make things happen and accomplish their goals.


Mini Treasure hunt


·    Learn to make sacrifices and go the extra mile to in order to push ahead in challenging times.

·    See the effect of ‘Go the Extra Mile’ and embrace it in our working environment.


7.   Leaders are Team Builders: They develop and empower others to be successful

Leaders are able to build strong teams and create a high functioning group. Leaders should always know the methodology to create, build and sustain a strong team.


Team building Game


·         Understand and practice Team work

·         Focus on the strength of the Team

·         Become a Team builder


8.   Leaders are Initiators: They plan, lead, organize and monitor to ensure effectiveness.

Leaders are individuals who are initiators, planners and organizers of ideas who lead them into reality projects. A person with proper initiative capabilities will always be able to spearhead themselves to the front and be outstanding in contributing ideas thus proving themselves to be capable of leadership.


The Blindfold Game


·    Experience the power of Initiative

·    Internalize Plan, Lead, Organize and Monitor characteristics and    become a more effective leader


9.   Leaders Shows Appreciation for Peak Performance

Though a leader is always at the front of their team, they should always appreciate things that made them become good leaders. Leaders are not proper leaders without proper support from their surroundings. A leader should always remember the help that they have gotten prior to their success.


The Appreciation Game


·    Learn and practice the skill of Appreciation

10.  Leaders Develop Others: Good leaders deliberately seek out and   find potential leaders. Great leaders develop them into other great leaders.

A good leader always seeks out potential to build more leaders in society. More leaders in society only mean a greater improvement for the benefit of many.


Learning summaries


Participants summarize learning point and commit to make it a habit at work place


Mr. Ng Thian Watt is the Success Inspirer who focuses on Motivation, Teambuilding, Personal/Corporate Development and Changing Mindset.

He was the Director of Training and Education of Napoleon Hill Associates Sdn Bhd, a Licensed American Program. He is currently the Second Vice President of Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers

He served in Malaysia’s largest commercial Bank for 35 years, rising from rank and file to Senior Management position including the Chief Manager of Credit Card and Regional Manager heading 28 Branches. After retirement he was contracted as full time Banking Advisor and Trainer of an anchor bank in Malaysia for five years He was also a full time banking consultant to Myanmar’s largest Private bank for two years before going into full time training.

Achievement through Teamwork: Through his ability to conjure up Team spirit, cultivating Leadership qualities and Team management, Mr. Ng achieved many commendations in work including winning the Best Branch Award out of 190 Branches in 1984/1985. His Quality Circle Team won the Championship Award out of 41 Circles.

His Bank Marketing Plan won the Most Outstanding Award adding colors to his Executive Bank Marketing Diploma.

A passionate Trainer enriched with working and social experience, Mr. Ng is imaginative, enthusiastic, humorous and charismatic in his delivery.

He has appeared several times on the TV 2’s BE EXCELLENT Motivation series. He has conducted training programs in Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar and Singapore. Had been a contract Speaker for two public listed Insurance companies in Malaysia and is currently a contract Trainer for an established adult learning centre apart from conducting training programs for public, SMI and Corporations.

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Leadership development program Malaysia, Leadership Training Program Malaysia Asia, Leadership Training in Malaysia Asia, Developing managerial leadership, Managerial Leadership Program in Malaysia