Motivation, Malaysia; Motivation for staff development Malaysia Asia, Mind-set Change seminar Malaysia Asia
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Mindset is a fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person''''s responses to and interpretations of situations. It is an inclination or a habit. People can get stuck in many mindsets. It can affect any person. Mindsets can help or can be self defeating. A helpful mindset will work toward achieving the goals of empowerment, self forgiveness, independence, self expression and purposefulness. We do indeed have a CHOICE at any time to change our mindset for one which will help instead of hinder us.

Course Objectives

 The course is geared towards the following benefits to participants:

·        To improve their mindsets for various changes and challenges

·        To improve their personal mental attitudes and perspectives to strive for excellence in all their undertakings.

·        To acquire and apply powerful strategies to change their mindsets.


Course Contents

This 2-day course consists of the following modules:

1.     What is Mindset and how it was formed - understanding one’s own mindsets and how it affects your thinking, feeling, actions and results

2.     Types of Mindsets and their impact on Career, Health, Wealth, Personal life and Corporate well being.

3.     Reviving the Champion within - understand the importance of intrinsic self-motivation during these challenging times and setting new performance standard

4.     Changing Mindset - Moving from Destructive and Self-defeating Mindset to Constructive and Empowering Mindset

5.     The Way Forward – Adding Value to work; converting work attitude from that of JOB to CAREER to PURPOSE; removing Emotional baggage.; acquire Techniques that will ensure permanent Change

Training Methodology

Dynamic and inter-active presentations laced with humor and local examples. Trainer and Participants sharing, Video learning, Story telling and Games will ensure a lively, entertaining and lasting learning process.


Who should attend -

Those who want to enjoy a more meaning fulfilling life; especially designed for corporate staff who are not enjoying and progressing in work.




Mr. Ng Thian Watt is the Success Inspirer who focuses on Motivation, Teambuilding, Personal/Corporate Development and Changing Mindset.

He was the Director of Training and Education of Napoleon Hill Associates Sdn Bhd, a Licensed American Program. He is currently the Second Vice President of Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers

He served in Malaysia’s largest commercial Bank for 35 years, rising from rank and file to Senior Management position including the Chief Manager of Credit Card and Regional Manager heading 28 Branches. After retirement he was contracted as full time Banking Advisor and Trainer of an anchor bank in Malaysia for five years He was also a full time banking consultant to Myanmar’s largest Private bank for two years before going into full time training.


Achievement through Teamwork: Through his ability to conjure up Team spirit, cultivating Leadership qualities and Team management, Mr. Ng achieved many commendations in work including winning the Best Branch Award out of 190 Branches in 1984/1985. His Quality Circle Team won the Championship Award out of 41 Circles.

His Bank Marketing Plan won the Most Outstanding Award adding colors to his Executive Bank Marketing Diploma.


A passionate Trainer enriched with working and social experience, Mr. Ng is imaginative, enthusiastic, humorous and charismatic in his delivery.


He has appeared several times on the TV 2’s BE EXCELLENT Motivation series. He has conducted training programs in Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar and Singapore. Had been a contract Speaker for two public listed Insurance companies in Malaysia and is currently a contract Trainer for an established adult learning centre apart from conducting training programs for public, SMI and Corporations.


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Motivation, Malaysia; Motivation for staff development Malaysia Asia, Mind-set Change seminar Malaysia Asia