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‘Selling’ is a very common business buzzword for getting / securing customers. Selling has moved beyond ‘here’s the product, please pay up’ to a more consultative approach. Everyone claims they know how to sell, but do they? It takes more than just years of hands-on sales experience; it takes refined and proven skills and more practice..... But then again, a sale without service excellence is like of beauty without brain. Sales & Service must go hand-in-hand. It is the two sides of a coin in business.

Selling is an Art and Service is an extension beyond just a smiling face. It requires a demonstration of professionalism and quality that need to be reviewed and refined from time to time. This program is intended to sharpen your sales / service people and provide the solid foundation that paves the way towards establishing an ever increasing sales momentum.


To improve the art of selling and to enhance customer service to complement the drive for more sales, thus establishing the possibility of continuously securing more and more sales.



Professional Image Management

The first impression is how a person project his/her image via appropriate dressing as well as his/her ethics and mannerism.


Your Attitude as a Sales Professional

Attitude here emphasizes on sincerity, integrity, being a good listener and persistency.


Developing Confidence in Selling

This requires the understanding that having possessed the requisite selling skills and knowing how to handle the customer types, a salesperson has no reasons to lack confidence.


The Golden Rules of Selling

Among other Golden rules; the pertinent one is ‘not to achieve sales target’ instead exceed it!


Leader-shift into the Professional Sales Paradigm

This session will clear any doubts one may have in the professional selling field and thereon develop such leadership abilities to compete effectively.


Networking & Qualifying Prospects

“If you are not networking, you are not selling”. Participants will not only amass a reservoir of prospects but must learn the art of qualifying prospects.


Time Management & Goal Setting

To achieve if not exceed sales targets; one must weave as many profitable sales appointments within the week to week limited time-frame of 168 hours. As such time and territory management is one of the key to success.


Making & Securing Appointments

Making and effectively organizing appointments ensure targeted prospects are approached and secured.


Greeting Skills & Techniques

The number 1 kung-fu in selling lies in greeting skills which quickly develop acceptance, approval and appreciation by the prospects for the salesperson; allowing greater opportunity in securing deals.


Rapport Building, reducing relationship tension & developing friendships

As in all business relationships, salespeople must acquire the art of rapport building. NB: “People will buy from people they like”


Discover Needs - probing with designed questions

Among many other questioning techniques, the initial two are the use of both closed-ended and open-ended questions to discover including creating the need to buy.


Sell Solutions - stressing benefits & advantages

The illustration of Features-Advantages-Benefits (FAB) is another key factor that determines an effective close. The art of discovering and focusing on what the customer needs to know will break down many objection barriers.


Tackling Questions & Handling Objections

In this tactical selling program, participants will learn a wide range of questioning techniques to enable the dissolution of objections and expedite the close.


Sell the Sale - applying a myriad of closing techniques to secure the sale

In this section, participants will learn the use of a myriad of closing techniques. They can apply more than one closing technique in any one sales presentation. It’s liken a gun with more than one bullet.


Preventing Rescissions - keep the sale!

It is not how many sales you close, its how many you keep. Customers can change their mind, so don’t just close but learn how to prevent rescissions or cancellations.


Understand How Customers are Lost & Designing Ways to Retain Them

Sales and service are 2 sides of a coin and as such being aware of how customers are lost will establish the need to discover ways towards customer retention.


Serving the Different Customer Personalities

The ability to assess customer personalities and strategize to win them gives salespeople the upper hand.


Interpersonal & Communication Skills Can Make the Difference

It’s not what you say rather it’s how you say it that will make a sales presentation effective.


Linguistic Skills: Empower yourself to speak better

Sales Linguistic Skills is the art of reframing how you speak that will get better attention and understanding.


Listening Attitude & your Listening Skills

Here, participants will learn the Art of Active Listening


The VIN Principle of Serving Customers

As in all businesses; it must be Value-driven, Integrity-based and Non-Manipulative!


The 10 Dimensions of Service Quality

These dimensions are: Reliability-Responsiveness-Competence-Access-Courtesy-Commuication-Credibility-Security-Understanding-Tangibles


How to Better S.E.R.V.E the Customers

To better serve customers is to: be Specific, Evaluate the situation, Rectify to improve, Verify to ensure the right approach, then Execute without a hitch.


Telephonic Excellence

The telephone is an important tool for a salesperson. Learning how to use it can improve sales.


Common Sense Techniques in Serving & Making the Customer Happy!

Here, participants will realize that there are more than one way to make a customer very happy….happy enough to buy from you and recommend friends to buy from you as well.


Review the Winning Balance between Selling & Serving

This session will ensure salespeople will not take existing customers for granted and after all it takes 5 times more effort and money to secure a new customer than it is to serve an existing one.

Whether in confrontation with economic downturn or taking advantage of a robust economic growth - this program is just what you need for maintaining quality service excellence and an increasing sales momentum in order to perpetually grow your business)


All those who are directly or indirectly involved in sales & those in the service lines.



Motivation, Lecture, Role Play, Group interactions, Assignments, Videos

At the end of the session, participants will have to develop a specific ‘sales plan’ for action. Their plans will be brainstormed thoroughly (evaluated – remedied – verified) before execution!


DURATION: 2 Days (Both days from 9am - 5pm)




Facilitating Corporate Team-building & Team-bonding since 1999


Dr. William Leon Chua BA MBA  PhD is the Founder and Principal Consultant of DRC Management & Training PLT (formerly known as COMBATIVE RESOURCES Worldwide). The name COMBATIVE RESOURCES was chosen to reflect the seriousness in the mission to assist Companies to compete effectively & successfully. A sought-after management consultant; and compelling corporate trainer & motivator on leadership, teamwork, interpersonal skills, communication skills, strategic marketing, professional selling skills, customer service, corporate & social ethics, mind-set change, and high performance management, he speaks to audiences around the Asia-Pacific Region, and occasionally in Europe. He is the director and producer of two corporate training videos – ‘Manifestation & Transformation’ and ‘The Kung-Fu of Business Management’. The video ‘Manifestation & Transformation’, a paradigm-shifting video that challenges our thoughts in tandem with what Mother Nature has to offer and that success is within everyone’s reach. As for the video ‘The Kung-Fu of Business Management’, a great expound on Age Old Wisdom with the Way of Modern Management. Dr. William is able to infuse the maxims, concepts and philosophy of the Martial Arts into the essence of Modern Management based on his more than 30 years involvement in the Martial Arts. Both videos offer learnable and measurable skills that make organizations more competitive, more profitable, managers more leadership driven, people more productive and relationships more positively energizing.

He is a member of the Malaysia Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS) and a registered corporate trainer with the Human Resource Development Federation of Malaysia (HRDF).

Academically - he has acquired a Diploma in Sales Management, a Diploma in Business & Management, a Diploma in Human Resource Management, a BA majoring in Psychology, a MBA, a DBA and a PhD in Organizational Behavior. In the past he has worked in a managerial capacity with eleven companies including multi-nationals, both locally in Malaysia and in Canada & Hawaii; designated in various positions, some of which are – Branch Manager, Agency Manager, Group Marketing Manager, Group Human Resource Manager, General Manager & CEO. His working exposure in industries such as financial & investment, construction & manufacturing, time-share & hospitality etc. has complemented his academic mind-set to enable him as an effective management consultant & corporate trainer. During the last 15 years he has facilitated a myriad of seminars to more than 750,000 professionals (from more than 500 Companies), including students. Besides, he has also trained more than 5,000 of his disciples in the way of the mixed martial arts from year 1982 to 2000.

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