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Career - Edu - Advancement


NOW, experience professionals with years of experience have the chance to obtain an academic qualification be it a Diploma, BA or MBA to complement their expertise. Honorary PhD can also be considered for outstanding achievers.

If you wish to obtain a Diploma, a BA or a MBA related to your years of experience, do contact us for more information. Perhaps a fast track arrangement offering either partial or full exemptions can be arranged provided you have the related experience to back up your application. All you need to do is submit your comprehensive resume with supporting documents to

No payment is required until and unless you qualify and accepted.

Currently only 3 private universities with global academic accreditation & international affiliations may consider your application. 

The policy of the better  universities themselves is aimed at the development of students in various related fields including even non-related fields.That is why the administration of some universities, as a rule, conducts many activities that are related although not part of the educational process. These events are aimed at increasing the experience of students which is why in the case of students who are working professionals with years of working experience or are successful businessmen, there are now instances although rarely, some universities are keen on converting their practical and invaluable experience into a work related degree within a shorter time frame. Thus, providing exemptions either partial or full to such widely experienced students but this strictly depends on a case to case basis subjected to thorough evaluation. Final approval is subjected to meeting the expectation of the Professors of the respective faculties jointly with their Head of Student Registrar. Approval can only be discreetly and confidentially arranged to ensure continuous international affiliations and global academic accreditation.

This approach has never been the practice of most traditional colleges & universities but overtime this may become accepted as the norm and hence will uplift education to a higher level.

There are over 25,000 universities in the world, each with its own individual spirit that can impress everyone BUT not every traditional colleges & universities offers exemptions

based on prior learning and working experience. 

Alternatively you can consider the following:

(1) Full Time Study

(2) Virtual Universities

(3) On Line Study

A virtual university provides higher education programs through electronic media, typically the Internet. Some are bricks-and-mortar institutions that provide online learning as part of their extended university courses while others solely offer online courses. They are regarded as a form of distance education. The goal of virtual universities is to provide access to the part of the population who would not be able to attend a physical campus, for reasons such as distance—in which students live too far from a physical campus to attend regular classes; and the need for flexibility—some students need the flexibility to study at home whenever it is convenient for them to do so.

(a) Some of these organisations exist only as loosely tied combines of universities, institutes or departments that together provide a number of courses over the Internet, television or other media, that are separate and distinct from programs offered by the single institution outside of the combine. 

(b) Others are individual organisations with a legal framework, yet are called "virtual" because they appear only on the internet, without a physical location aside from their administration units. 

(c) Still other virtual universities can be organised through specific or multiple physical locations, with or without actual campuses to receive program delivery through technological media that is broadcast from another location where professors give televised lectures.
Program delivery in a virtual university is administered through information and communications technology such as web pages, e-mail and other networked sources.
As virtual universities are relatively new and vary widely, questions remain about accreditation and the quality of assessment.
Some of these universities, irrespective whether virtual or traditional may not be recognised whilst some are recognised and affiliated to many prominent international universities. It''''''''s best to check on the background of the university of your choice as well as with the Education Department of your country. It is also important to check that the university of your choice is also recognised by other countries particularly countries  that you may one day wish to emigrate and/or seek employment there.

In view of competition to enrol more students among universities, it has come to a point where on-line studies have flourished and  weekend classes have been arranged not only at lower costs but also allow for flexibility of time to cater for the working adults and students who have to work part-time to pay for their fees. One must bear in mind that the approach towards on-line studies is not acutely practical and therefore should only be offered to working professionals but this has not been the practice.

Showing results for qualifications based on past learning experience

This is based on extensive research into student learning in higher education. Experiential learning. Experiential learning is as an ongoing process where ...
Current research on learning suggests that learning is determined by what the learner ... Circumstances in which prior knowledge hinders learning: ... Based on the students' positive response she assigned a critical writing essay for ... Keep in mind that prior knowledge refers not only to concepts but also to thinking skills, ...
Therefore, we're happy to help you get a qualification based on your work experience, knowledge and skills. We offer a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)? ...
(RPL), and Recognition or Accreditation of Prior Work. Experience ... An instrument that classifies qualifications based on a set of criteria that ... experiences of pre-service and in-service scholar-teachers and educational leaders. In view of the ...
7 Jan 2012 · Others argue that teaching skills of the teacher are equally important for ... A Learning Experience Questionnaire designed based on the tenets ...
8 Nov 2018 · The time spent partaking in the learning experience seems ... in fact, that physicians have numerical targets to hit prior to graduating residency.
Recognition of prior learning (RPL), prior learning assessment (PLA), or prior learning ... prior learning are varied and include: evaluation of prior experience gained ... RPL is similar to criterion-referenced assessment – assessment of skills and ... Competency-based learning – Framework for teaching and assessment of? ...
Work experience is experience of the workplace you gain prior to graduating and ... based work, for example one student on an international business degree ...
The learning outcomes focus is based on important pillars of the Bologna reform: ? ... a set of achievements – skills, understandings and personal attributes – that ... them, in order to remediate or correct incomplete or erroneous prior learning.
3 Feb 2020 · But this wasn't always the case, and with the rising cost of education making ... with limited practical experience and potentially built up large debts? If it's the former, do employers need to re-evaluate who they are taking on in ...

Yours in professional & academic pursuit for excellence,

Bernard John Low


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Career - Education - Advancement - Recognition of Prior Learning and working experience.