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training provider in malaysiatraining provider in malaysia

 training provider in malaysia


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Dr. William Leon Chua PhD - on Mindset Change

Quote: "Mind-set change is the source of all positive mental tributaries

 and when mindset has been tuned, productivity goes up" 

training provider in malaysia

"From time to time many companies experience 'quality burn-out' as employees complacently stagnate or decline in performance. Where there is no motivation, eventually employees will be reluctant to accept changes and reject challenges. The psychological work environment soon fall into the doldrums  of complacency; and left alone, employees’ mentality will sooner suffer from 'mental hypothermia' (frozen mind-set) resulting in the 'usual' and sometimes sub-standard performance. Hence, leading to low productivity, unnecessary mistakes and loss of business. It is therefore pertinent that employees 'defreeze' their mind, be enthusiastically motivated from time to time in order that their performance momentum can and will be accelerated. 'Psychosclerosis' or hardening of the attitude needs to be addressed! Many employees are merely doing enough to justify their existence in company and are easily side-tracked by trivia and unproductive habits" - Dr. William Leon Chua


  • "It is evidential that our thumbprint signifies that everyone is unique in their own way"

  • "There are so many self-proclaimed leaders but how many are really true leaders. Similarly there are so many qualified managers but how many are committed and self-empowered to excel with leadership qualities"
  • "The power to lead lies not in knowledge alone but something far simpler, it is personality"
  • "Just as the old leaves must be shed before new ones can grow, we must discard obsolete ideas and manifest from new ones from time to time"
  • "Knowledge is not power, it is only potential power. What we know and not apply is what we have yet to know"
  • "Passion and Commitment is the soul of creativity"
  • "If death is your best friend then courage will be your ally"
  • "Sacrifice is the price we pay for the joy of success; Death is the price we pay for the privilege of living"
  • "The soul is the spring of lie; compassion is the jewel in the ocean of humanity"
  • "No smoke without fire, no lightning without thunder; No great achievements without passion"
  • "To be successful is to be innovative; To be great is to be creative - If you do not innovate or create you will evaporate"
  • "To do dangerous things we must be in love with death; To do great things we must be in love with success"





Incentive: Inspiration / Drive / Enthusiasm / Impetus / Stimulus / Spur / Driving Force


Reason: Motive / Purpose / Rationale


Forces Determining Behavior

PSYCHOLOGY ~ the biological, emotional, cognitive, or social forces that activate and direct behavior


Comment on Motivation

People behave in a preset manner which is determined by their past experiences and according to Sir Isaac Newton – people move at a constant until ‘pushed’ by certain external forces. Such forces can be anything that awakens and inspire us.


The question is what type of motivation is required?

01) Personal Development Motivation?

02) Leadership Motivation?

03) Sales Motivation?

04) Customer Service Motivation?

05) Motivation towards Better Teamwork?

06) Motivation on accepting Change?

07) Time Management Motivation?

08) Motivation to develop a better attitude?

09) Motivation to improve Inter-personal Skills?

10) Other


Rational to Effective Use of Motivation in Training

A Motivational Workshop can be tuned to cover all these areas as required

The BEST use of MOTIVATION is during the facilitation of specific subjects as mentioned above covering the – WHY? WHAT? WHEN? WHO? HOW? where details are spelt out, principles are shared, methods are introduced and procedures are set.


training provider in malaysia


M: Mind-set

O: Organization / Optimistic / Oneness

T: Time Management / Terrific / Tirelessly / Transcend

I: Initiative / Ideal / Integrity / Intuitive / Imaginative 

V: Value Add / Vibrant / Virtuous / Valued / Vanquish / Valorous 

A: Attitude / Aptitude / Accurate / Adaptable / Activate / Achieve

T: Tactics / Techniques / Talented / Taut / Thoughtful 

I: Imagination / Initiative / Inventive

O: Obsession / Observant / Objective Driven

N: Needs / Noble / Nurturing / Nice / Notable

Malaysian Motivational Speakers In Malaysia

Featuring a range of outstanding Malaysian motivational speakers in Malaysia. These well-known individuals have the ability and expertise to inspire and motivate people from all walks of life. Our Malaysian motivational speakers in Malaysia are skilled at sparking positive change and supporting personal and professional growth through fascinating storytelling, practical insights, and motivational tactics. From business seminars to educational workshops that cover a wide range of topics such as leadership, team building, and personal development.   

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#Motivation #Mindset Change #Paradigm Shift #Attitude Refinement #Self-development #Leadership #Sales Motivation #Progress