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training provider in malaysia 

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training provider in malaysia

DR. William Leon Chua

Asia’s foremost motivator & master team-builder

Practical corporate teambuilding designed for improving employees’ effective 

coordination at work to increase productivity. 

A good teambuilding program requires the psychological tuning of employees in order to 

improve their attitude towards working cohesively with one another. 


     No more personal conflicts                           Achieving an all round proactive attitude

     No more unethical behaviors                       Improvement in overall psychosocial environment

        . No more silo management                           Increasing quality productivity 

     No more tunnel vision


Our master teambuilder have years of multi-industrial experience and is also a renowned motivator.

Corporate Team Building Training with Expertise

At DRC Management & Training PLT, we are an effective team-building training provider in Malaysia! Our skilled team-building trainer can help you improve collaboration, raise morale, and promote a cohesive work atmosphere inside your organization. Our corporate team building training programs are tailored to your team's requirements, allowing them to reach their maximum potential. We recognize the significance of excellent team dynamics in attaining organizational success. Our corporate team building training utilizes creative techniques and engaging activities. Your team will acquire vital skills such as communication, personalities integration, problem-solving, and achieve an overall leadership culture  through carefully crafted exercises and simulations, all while enjoying a memorable and fun experience, moving them from fellowship bonding to emotional & intellectual bonding. Finally, to task bonding where productivity will be uplifted.

We have a proven track records of providing great results for our clients as the premier team-building training provider in Malaysia and abroad. Our teambuilding programs are customized to your unique aims, ensuring that the training is in line with your organization's objectives. Whether you want to improve cooperation, decision-making, or team trust, our team-building trainer will work closely with you to develop a customized training program that suits your needs.



If building a winning team in your organization is what you need

"This is it!!!"

If building a Leadership Culture is what you require

"This is it!!!"

If motivating your staffs to be at their best is what you want

"This is it!!!"

If higher productivity through better coordination is what you expect

"This is it!!!"

"I welcome you to my website. You have logged into it because you are looking for a teambuilding workshop that can really help you improve your company's psychological & team-working environment. If you are seriously desirous to improve quality productivity via the platform of people development with emphasis and focus on teamwork, you have found the right one right here! It's time you eradicate 'tunnel vision' and 'boundary management' from your organization, and integrate your staff to work as a 1-united force without mixing personal feelings with duties. Its time you establish the platform for absolute teamwork in order to compete effectively in the challenging world of business".

 The Objectives of our Team-building sessions focuses on:


· Establishing a harmonious working culture

· Dissolving misunderstanding and conflict

· Mind-set change and paradigm shifts

· Motivation and personal development

· Attitude refinement and the development of better work habits

· Overall leadership development

· Effective time management to increase productivity

· Better cooperation and coordination

Teaming up your employees to elevate productivity is the ultimate way to move forward.



Teambuilding & Interpersonal Relationships


 training provider in malaysia


Dynamic Sales Team Challenge

training provider in malaysia 


Teambonding  Empowerment

Team Warriors Dynamic


 training provider in malaysia


Teambuilding Towards Customer Service Excellence


 training provider in malaysia


Sun Tzu Art of War in Strategic Business Planning & Teambuilding



 training provider in malaysia


High Performance Team Warriors’ Empowerment


Building a Powerful Winning Team

 training provider in malaysia


Building a Superior Team


Corporate Teambuilding & Teambonding


Teambonding Dynamics


 training provider in malaysia


Many Teambuilding Programs fail to address the issues of:

Leadership Development, Adapting to Change, Innovation & Creativity, Diffusing Conflict, Eradicating Tunnel Vision, Improving Coordination, Improving Supervisory Skills, Enhancing the Psychological Work Environment, Smoothening Procedures, Injection of New Strategies.

This Teambuilding Program covers all these and more, with impactful delivery (lectures) and activity-based experiential learning. It is serious, yet, fun, it is exciting and practical. All in all it will address all the issues and allows the Organization to rejuvenate and renew itself and improve in internal & external service towards achieving greater efficiency and productivity.

Unlike any other Team-building Program, this exclusive program also expounds on the core of Personal Development, Effective Communication, the Mechanics of Servant Leadership, and the Dynamic Principles & Laws of Teamwork. It directly relates to striking a Winning Balance for business renewal and expansion. It impacts on Business Development and the strategic intent for managing change. The session is heavy on motivational values and psychologically tuned to achieve the requisite catharsis (an experience or feeling of spiritual release and purification brought about by an intense emotional experience). The 4 Levels of Bonding will be covered: Fellowship Bonding – Intellectual Bonding – Emotional Bonding – Professional Bonding.


NB: “If changes on the outside are faster than on the inside, prepare for a funeral” (It may be the downfall of the organization). Thus, it's time to make changes for the better, siphon out negativities and absolutely team up for the better.

Our Teambuilding Workshops can be customized to your exact requirements, such as:


Bonding those who may not get along and integrating the strength of the different personalities

Effective time management to achieve 

higher productivity

360 degree motivation to improve on work attitude

Establishing a positive psychosocial work environment


Expounding on overall leadership qualities


Establishing fun and fellowship in a progressive working environment

Laying out the laws of teamwork & corporate ethics


Expound on managing change

Empowering 100% coordination among every department 

Addressing any other concerns & problems

Many Teamwork Development Games including the following: