Teambuilding towards customer service excellence - Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and throughout Asia
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Team-building towards Customer Service Excellence

TEAM-BUILDING towards Customer Service Excellence




Customer Service Mind-set



Self Empowered Qualities of a Service Leader


Paradigm Shift in Customer Service


The Laws of Customer Service


Communication Techniques


Handling Complaints, Objections & Difficult Customers


Creative Approach to Customer Relations


Stress and the Customer


Applying the ‘SERVE Formula’


The Gap between Expectation and Complaints


The ‘GRASP IT’ Service Formula


Your Service Attitude


Developing the Service Action Habit


Why Do Companies Lose Customers


Service Road Map for Implementation


Who is the Customer


Service Measures


Measuring Up and Striking the Winning Balance


10 Dimensions of Service Quality


12 Steps to Success through Service


The Success Sequence


Teamwork and Service Excellence


Applying the Success Formula


The Customer Bill of Rights

A.   The Definition of T.E.A.M

B.   The Advantages of Teamwork

C.   What are the Hindrances to Effective Teamwork

D.   Teamwork begins with YOU

E.   Leadership Dictates Effective Teamwork

F.    The Laws of Team-Excellence

G.   Ethics for Team-bonding




‘The Magic Capet’ – To endorse the need to change

‘The Caterpillar Race’ – To endorse the power of endurance

‘The Human Pyramid’ – To endorse the power of alignment

‘The Steps Coordination Race’ – To endorse the power of coordination

‘The Win-Win Tug of War’ – To endorse sincerity for mutual benefits

‘The Free-Fall’ – To endorse trust

‘Nothing is Impossible’ – To endorse that anything is possible

 He Ain’t Heavy, He’s my Brother

‘Stretching the Service Chain’ – To endorse the need to go the extra mile

‘Flag Raising’ – Endorsing Commitment to Mission & Vision

‘No Support’ - Endorsing the Power of Inter-dependency

‘The Candle of Forgiveness & Appreciation’ – To endorse intellectual and spiritual bonding





Comments on Trainer’s overall abilities and strengths:


- Excellent present and motivation, really


- Very good, very high energy

- Excellent, great relevant case examples

- Pleasant and humorous

- I enjoyed it very much

- Very good delivery

- Trainer was full of personality, easy to listen to,

   and motivational. His use of

   humor made it light and enjoyable

- Clear voice, presentation delivery not too much

- Very strong and good voice

- Enjoyable to interact and participate

- Interesting


Areas at the Seminar that excite or interest you most:


- Motivation, inspirational topics, discussions on

   personal qualities and how to motivate others

- Provoking thoughts

- Better understanding of teamwork

- The inspirational jokes and its relevance

   to the topics of discussion

- Good and relevant examples

- Motivational stories and case studies

- Lots of relevant activities

- The challenging activities

- Motivational aspects

- Teamwork and endorsing mutual

   expectations to establish a win-win team








Dr. William Leon Chua PhD, is the Founder, Chief Trainer and Principal Consultant of DRC Management & Training PLT. He is a sought-after management consultant; and compelling corporate trainer & motivator on Leadership Empowerment, Strategic Management, Teambuilding, Inter-personal & Communication skills, Strategic Marketing, Professional Selling Skills, Customer Service, Sun Tzu Art of War, Corporate Ethics, Mind-set Change, TQM, and High Performance Management etc.
He speaks to audiences in Malaysia, around the Asia-Pacific Region, and occasionally in Europe.
He was a member of the Malaysia Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS) & the Malaysia Institute of Management (MIM) and a registered corporate trainer with the Human Resource Development Federation of Malaysia (HRDF).
Academically - he has acquired a Diploma in Sales Management from IMM, a Diploma in Business & Management from Swansea, a BA majoring in Psychology from University of Hawaii, a MBA and a PhD in Organizational Behavior from IUKL.
Working Experience - With his more than 30 years of multi-industrial experience complemented with his 20 years as a professional corporate trainer, he has amassed volumes of skills and ideas. He is more than a lecturer, he is a corporate trainer qualified with years of in-depth multi-industrial experience.
During this 2-day program he will impart 30 years of his research and invaluable experiences on the subject matter to the participants.

All in all, he has provided corporate training to more than 700 companies ranging from manufactories, universities, pharmacies, housing developers, hotels, wholesalers……to banks and insurance companies etc.
His approach to facilitating seminars is – research-based & up-to-date informative, entertaining, highly motivating and at the same time, serious in approach to ensure that learning is effectively projected into action and results.




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Teambuilding towards customer service excellence - Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and throughout Asia