A highly motivational seminar to bring out the best in your staffs that they may up perform.
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"Being calculative in life you can only improve your maths but not your relations. There''s another dimension called ''emotion'' which maths never teaches you about"

 Manifestations & Transformation

This seminar is about awakening & challenging yourself 

"From a caterpillar into a butterfly, from the chrysalis you will fly, from the mantis of mankind; moving to greater heights in your life"

The Human Mind often goes into a complacency mode and as such need to be re-booted from time to time


If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want will be the sacrifice. Sacrifice is a part of life. It’s supposed to be. It’s not something to regret. It’s something to aspire to. Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness. Calculative people never go far and will never live their dreams. The cause of most of man’s unhappiness is sacrificing what he wants most for what he wants now.



FOREWORD: This is an intense motivational session that will prompt you to reflect and review your personal performance and current situations both in life and at work. This is a highly intellectual session that will spark your intelligent (IQ), passion (PQ) and curiosity (CQ) quotient. This session is the tool that will boost or reboot the human batteries that people will embrace changes and continuously accept challenges. This is a highly intensive and interactive session delivered one of Asia''s most renowned speakers cum motivator.





OBJECTIVES: To create awareness, encourage innovation, initiate creativity, and bring out the best in people



DURATION:  Between half to 1 day

VENUE:  As arranged




Getting Out of the Region of Mediocrity (Confined by lack of vision - indecisiveness - past thinking - conformity)


From Paradigm Paralysis to Paradigm Shifts and Becoming a Paradigm Pioneer (From Fixed Mindset to Open Mindset)


Manifestation and Transformation (17 areas to assess supported by a video clip on same by Dr. William Leon Chua)


Mindset Change on Self-Appreciation & Confidence (The propeller of success begins with building confidence from appreciating oneself)


Mindset Change on the Value of Time (Learn how to maximize time by weaving in more profitable activities and understand how time on a daily basis had been lost to the habits of ignorance)


Mindset Change on Personality, Attitude & Habits (We are who we were and we will be who we are now. A personality assessment will determine what habits has reinforced such attitude)


Mindset Change on Leadership & Teamwork (Managerial expertise without leadership skills has no impact on good teamwork)


Mindset Change on Communication Skills (One of the greatest keys to erase misunderstanding and achieve harmony as well as acquire the ability to persuade others has a lot to do with communication skills)


Mindset Change on Accepting Changes (It is not uncommon to resist change. Management by convenience is an epidemic among many people leading to the ''rocking chair syndrome''. The need to embrace change must be instilled)


Mindset Change on Accepting Problems & Challenges (Problems when defined as a tool for self-improvement will uplift one to not only accept challenges but to seek if not create challenges)


Mindset Change on Learning & Progress (''Learning obviously leads to progress'' but many neglect this winning equation. Motivation from the right angle will shed light into the shadows of learning-stagnation)


Mindset Change on Customer Service (Just too many people neglect to provide good if not better customer service. They need to be fueled with the desire and passion to better serve the customers within and without)


Mindset Change on Inter-dependency (Territorial management & tunnel vision among departments are obvious. There is a need to hack down the ''walls'' that divide departments and focus as a single entity)


Mindset Change on Organizational Skills (Many facets of organization need to be micro-scoped for the requisite remedy. Effective guidelines will open doors for re-organization & organization re-engineering)


Achieving your Personal Everest! (Conquering Mount Everest is one great challenge. Easier or more difficult to achieve one''s Personal Everest remain to be seen!)





To change is to improve and to change often is to strive for perfection. Ideas is the fuel that drives the vehicle called ''change''


Success is all about manifestations and transformation. If you do not innovate or create you will definitely evaporate and your life will be regretfully wasted! 


Blessed are the cracks that let in more light that we may move from darkness to light and from light to more light.


Mistakes empowers us to see and plan better in our life.


Life is a continuous journey of self-discovery, and work provides the opportunity for us to explore and understand ourselves better.



Master (DR.) William Leon Chua

One of Asia''s most prominent motivator & management consultant


Lecture / Motivation / Interactive Participation / Light Activities


Everyone is gifted and everyone has hidden talents and so do you. You create your own ''believe system'' that determine your own future. You are the end results of your thoughts and your imaginations. You become what you think. Be an imagineer! You must choose and you must retrieve more ideas, manifest & transform to become someone greater than you already are!


“Being calculative in life you can only improve your maths but not your relations. There''s another dimension called ''emotion'' which maths never teaches you about"


Profile of the Trainer


Dr. William Leon Chua PhD


William Leon Chua is the Founder and Principal Consultant of DRC Management & Training PLT (formerly known as COMBATIVE RESOURCES Worldwide).

William is a multi-industrial practitioner, and having worked in numerous industries including Manufactories, Financial Services, Hospitality, Construction, & FMCG wherein he was designated in various positions inter-alia Branch Manager, Agency Manager, Regional Manager, Branches Operations Manager, Group HR & Training Manager, Group Marketing Manager, General Manager, CEO; he has acquired a wide spectrum of experience, knowledge & skills.

He is a member of the Malaysia Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS), was a panel trainer for the Malaysia Institute of Management (MIM) and the Malaysia Insurance Institute (MII).

He is a registered HRDF (on a full time basis) professional trainer since year 2000.

Knowledge-supplemented with his academic pursuits & achievements such as Diploma in Sales Management, Diploma in Human Resource Management, Diploma in Business & Management, BA major in Psychology, MBA, PhD in Organizational Behaviour and boosted with 20 years of research work (and continuing); he has empowered his capability in facilitating realistic strategic thinking down-to-earth seminars to meet his clients’ core prerequisites on staff developmental needs, and providing business consultation.

Complemented with his volumes of multi-style approach in facilitating seminars & workshops, he has been able to deliver captivating seminars with greater impact in a most pragmatic yet entertaining, motivating & humorous manner (for better retention).

As the Chairman & Chief Instructor of a Martial Arts Association for 9 years, he has other than mostly teaching self-defence & combative techniques also focused on imparting knowledge on personal development, leadership & philosophies directly and indirectly to more than 3,000 of his disciples across West Malaysia.

He has also produced 2 astounding motivational training videos; one on personal development, leadership, teamwork and the other on the kung-fu of business management.

His fields of corporate training among many other soft skills programs include: a wide range of Leadership Development Skills Programs, a series of Teambuilding-Teambonding Action-packed in-door/out-door training, Interpersonal & Communication Skills, Corporate Ethics & Discipline, Sun Tzu Art of War in Strategic Marketing, Professional Selling & Negotiation Skills, Sales Motivation, Sales Psychology, a wide range of Customer Service Programs, Public Speaking Skills, Mind-set Change, Personal Development, Managing-Up your Boss, Time Mastery & Goals Getting, Creative Thinking & Problem Solving, The Six Thinking Hats, Confidence & Power in Dealing with People, Stress Management, Security Management, Telephonic Skills, Grooming & Personality Enhancement etc.

To-date, he has facilitated a myriad of corporate training programs of up to more than 450 seminars & workshops whether in a class-room setting or as a key-note speaker in conventions both locally in Malaysia and abroad.


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A highly motivational seminar to bring out the best in your staffs that they may up perform.