NLP Selling Skills Seminars, NLP Selling Skills Asia, NLP Selling Skills Europe, NLP Selling Skills Malaysia, Sales Psychology & NLP techniques
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Linguistic Skills and the Power of Sales Psychology



The Psychology of Selling



The is a master crafted salesmanship training program which is intended on helping salespeople succeed in what they do. The ability to interact, influence and convince others to believe in you and buy what you are selling is a psychological skill that all salespeople need to acquire. This is just like selling to someone you knew and trusted. So in a short time, a good salesperson is able to build rapport by reducing the relationship tension with the customer. And from thereon, the salesperson is able to increase the desire or task tension in the customer to buy. Tension of task is the tension that arises when a particular task needs to be done or a particular goal needs to be achieved.  In short people will consider to buy from people they like and will confirm buying from people they trust, if they can be convinced that they need the product and/or service.

To increase sales, take on this workshop for top-up learning.

Re-skill your sales team today!



This workshop is highly recommended for both the inexperience and the experience sales professionals, irrespective of whether they are sales executives or sales managers or marketing directors.




09.00 am - 05.00 pm

01) Leader-shift in Professional



    DAY 2

    09.00 am - 05.00 pm

     09) 17 Ways To Use The New

          Psychology Of Sales

02) Mechanics of the Organised

Sales Presentation (OSP) Model

10) Handling & Neutralising


03) Laying the Path that Leads to the   Close

11) Learn more than 12 Sales-

      Linguistic Techniques (SLT) to

  boost your sales 

04) Identifying & Selling to the

Different Customer Personalities (All in 14 Types)


05) Building Quick Rapport &

 Reducing Relationship Tension


06) Uplifting the Task Tension &

      Building up the Desire to Buy!


       07) Psychological Keys That Will

              Open The Doors To More Sales


      08) 12 Selling Tips Using Basic


12) Using a Myriad of Questions for

   Leverage & Control, leading to the



13) Learn how to Apply more than

       one Closing Technique to Secure

       the Deal (There are more than 30   

       such techniques)


14) Learn more than 15 Powerful

      Negotiating Techniques


15) Tactical Approach in Preventing



16)  Booster – Sales Motivation!!!


· To develop confidence & the ability

   to sell beyond targets

· Increase sales – obviously!

PROFESSIONAL FEE: RM8,000 inclusive of handouts and certificates of attendance (HRDF Claimable)




DATE & VENUE: As arranged

Training Methodology: Interactive - Motivating - Pragmatic - Street-wise - Edutaining - Enjoyable - Results-oriented

Empower your sales team to ascend the ''''''''Sales Everest''''''''




Dr. William Leon Chua PhD, is the Founder, Chief Trainer and Principal Consultant of DRC Management & Training PLT. He is a sought-after management consultant; and compelling corporate trainer & motivator on Leadership Empowerment, Strategic Management, Teambuilding, Inter-personal & Communication skills, Strategic Marketing, Professional Selling Skills, Customer Service, Sun Tzu Art of War, Corporate Ethics, Mind-set Change, TQM, and High Performance Management etc., including this program.


He speaks to audiences in Malaysia, around the Asia-Pacific Region, and occasionally in Europe. He was a member of the Malaysia Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS) & the Malaysia Institute of Management (MIM) and a registered corporate trainer with the Human Resource Development Federation of Malaysia (HRDF).

Academically - he has acquired a Diploma in Sales Management from IMM, a Diploma in Business & Management from Swansea, a BA majoring in Psychology from University of Hawaii, a MBA and a PhD in Organisational Behaviour from IUKL.


Working Experience - With his more than 30 years of multi-industrial experience complemented with his 20 years as a professional corporate trainer, he has amassed volumes of skills and ideas. He is more than a lecturer, he is a corporate trainer qualified with years of in-depth multi-industrial experience.


During this 2-day program he will impart 30 years of his research and invaluable experiences on the subject matter to the participants.

All in all, he has provided corporate training to more than 700 companies ranging from factories, universities, pharmacies, housing developers, hotels, wholesalers……to banks and insurance companies etc.


His approach in facilitating seminars is – research-based & up-to-date informative, entertaining, highly motivating and at the same time, serious in approach to ensure that learning is effectively projected into action and results.


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NLP Selling Skills Seminars, NLP Selling Skills Asia, NLP Selling Skills Europe, NLP Selling Skills Malaysia, Sales Psychology & NLP techniques