Sales motivational seminars to reboot and recharge salespeople to up-perform is available in Malaysia, Singapore and anywhere in Asia.
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Salespeople are the corporate front-liners and they are the people hired and commissioned to invade the market, take charge of business territorial management and confront the competition. Changes and challenges are on-going and the competition gets stiffer and more and more intense as time goes by! Business must grow or face the consequences! Only a small percentage of salespeople are self-motivated while the rest needs to be motivated from time to time. Doing the same thing over and over again draws in monotony and cast in the shadows of boredom and can lead to diminishing returns. It is therefore essential and crucial to charge up your sales-force from time to time to spark them up and make a great and remarkable difference. Establishing a sense of purpose and direction in life and in career can lead salespeople to move into many facets of new challenging business paradigms and thus intensify their commitment and elevate their performance level to their up-most potential level. This program is not only a refresher but a powerful booster to accelerate growth in salesmanship that they will on their own pursue all angles of professionalism.


·  To refresh, rekindle, reboot and recharge salespeople with the burning desire to be more competitive

·        Keeping salespeople on track and in the winning momentum to excel in sales


A) Motivation Topics


  1. Growth & Fixed Mindset (Know your mind-set and re-develop it that you may improve your sales attitude)
  2. The 4 Types of Salespeople (Knowing what type you are and make changes to it)
  3. Initiating Paradigm Shift towards Empowering Professionalism in Salesmanship (Understand your sales paradigm, overcome paradigm effects and initiate ''paradigm sales-shift''.
  4. Self Appreciation, Contribution, Vision & Purpose (Self love and self respect empowers effort that leads to intensifying contribution with a noble purpose, thus leading to success)
  5. Time & Territorial Management (Learn to value time and manage your sales territory effectively)
  6. The Concept of David versus Goliath (Learn to appreciate and accept challenges and go the extra mile)
  7. Professional Sales Ethics (Learn to cultivate professional sales ethics and attract customers)
  8. The 10 Commandment of Selling (Take ownership of a set of rules as a form of guidance for discipline that you may up-lift your sales performance)

B) Re-cap on Your Professional Selling Skills with the OSP Technique:

1.    Sell Yourself (Learn how to make customers accept, approve and appreciate you - afterall people buy from people they like and continue to buy from people they trust)

2.    Sell Needs (Learn how to probe and understand customer''s concerns and discover customer''s needs)

3.    Sell Solutions (Learn how to solve customer''s problems with what you are offering or selling)

4.    Sell the Sale (Learn the meaning of objections, recognize them and how to overcome them and consequently apply various closing techniques to close the sale)

Keep the Sale (Closing the sale is not good enough, but to keep the sale makes a lot of difference. Learn how to prevent recissions and keep the sale)



All sales people and those who wants to venture into the sales profession. Ideal for all corporate sales executives including marketing and sales managers.


 Interactive Lecturing - Mind Hammering - Continuous Motivation - Brain Storming - Short Video Clips


0.5, 1 or 2 Days - You decide  


(Dr.) William Leon Chua PhD is a multi-industrial practitioner, and having worked in numerous industries including Manufactories, Financial Services, Hospitality, Construction, & FMCG wherein he was designated in various positions inter-alia Branch Manager, Agency Manager, Regional Manager, Branches Operations Manager, Group HR & Training Manager, Group Marketing Manager, General Manager, CEO; he has acquired a wide spectrum of experience, knowledge & skills.

He is a member of the Malaysia Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS), was a panel trainer for the Malaysia Institute of Management (MIM) and the Malaysia Insurance Institute (MII).

He is a registered HRDF (on a full time basis) professional trainer since year 2000.

Knowledge-supplemented with his academic pursuits & achievements such as Diploma in Sales Management, Diploma in Human Resource Management, Diploma in Business & Management, BA major in Psychology, MBA, PhD in Organisational Behaviour and boosted with 20 years of research work (and continuing); he has empowered his capability in facilitating realistic strategic thinking down-to-earth seminars to meet his clients’ core prerequisites on staff developmental needs, and providing business consultation.

Complemented with his volumes of multi-style approach in facilitating seminars & workshops, he has been able to deliver captivating seminars with greater impact in a most pragmatic yet entertaining, motivating & humorous manner (for better retention).

As the Chairman & Chief Instructor of a Martial Arts Association for 9 years, he has other than mostly teaching self-defence & combative techniques also focused on imparting knowledge on personal development, leadership & philosophies directly and indirectly to more than 3,000 of his disciples across West Malaysia.

He has also produced 2 astounding motivational training videos; one on personal development, leadership, teamwork and the other on the kung-fu of business management.

His fields of corporate training among many other soft skills programs include: a wide range of Leadership Development Skills Programs, a series of Teambuilding-Teambonding Action-packed in-door/out-door training, Interpersonal & Communication Skills, Corporate Ethics & Discipline, Sun Tzu Art of War in Strategic Marketing, Professional Selling & Negotiation Skills, Sales Motivation, Sales Psychology, a wide range of Customer Service Programs, Public Speaking Skills, Mind-set Change, Personal Development, Managing-Up your Boss, Time Mastery & Goals Getting, Creative Thinking & Problem Solving, The Six Thinking Hats, Confidence & Power in Dealing with People, Stress Management, Security Management, Telephonic Skills, Grooming & Personality Enhancement etc.

To-date, he has facilitated a myriad of corporate training programs of up to more than 450 seminars & workshops whether in a class-room setting or as a key-note speaker in conventions both locally in Malaysia and abroad.

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Sales motivational seminars to reboot and recharge salespeople to up-perform is available in Malaysia, Singapore and anywhere in Asia.