Leadership & organizational skills empowerment to improve attitude, accountability, harmony for the workforce
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Leadership & Organizational Skills

Leadership Empowerment of Positive Attitude, Accountability & Fulfillment for the Workforce

~ An exclusive leadership & organizational skills program ~



This 2-day intensive corporate training program is facilitated by Dr. William Leon Chua who has worked with several multi-nationals, designated in various positions. Complemented with a PhD in Organizational Behavior he fully understands what it takes to meet the objectives of this program. The approach is designed to cover a wide area for the participants. It is envisaged that the coverage and approach will expand the mental horizon of participants to undertake their responsibility with better focus and clarity. Doing more with less can definitely be a possibility with better leadership and organizational skills boosted with the right professional attitude.


Improve leadership, staff management & organizational skills; understand the mechanics of productivity from as many core management principles and pertinent angles.

Benefits: After attending this program, participants will have developed a thorough insight into core values of leadership & effective supervisory skills, including improving their organizational abilities with an understanding of the mechanics and the matrix of management.

Who should attend: CEOSenior Managers, Managers, Assistant Managers & Supervisors

Program Outline

DAY 1 (Commencing at 9am)

Part 1

· Introduction

· Program Overview

· Economic Crisis and You

· Confronting an Economic Downtrend

· Competitive Challenges!


TEA-BREAK (10.30am – 10.45am)


Part 2

· Vision & Responsibility

· High Performance Approach

· Implementing Strategies

· Ways towards Managing Change


LUNCH (01.00pm – 02.00pm)


Part 3

• The Negativity cycle

• Types of Negative thinking and how it can Impact the Workplace

• How to Assess for Negative Attitudes

• Identification of Negative Attitudes

• How to Confront Negative Attitudes

• How to Break the Cycle


TEA-BREAK (03.30pm – 03.45pm)


Part 4

· How to Get Employees Moving

· Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

· Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory

· The Four Motivations

· Financial & Non-Financial Motivation

· PERMA Model: positive emotion, engagement, positive relationships, meaning and accomplishment/achievement


END OF DAY 1 (at 5.00pm)


DAY 2 (Commencing at 9am)

Part 5

· Productivity:

Measurement of Productivity

Definition & Equation

Types of Productivity: Partial & Total

Productivity & Production


TEA-BREAK (10.30am – 10.45am)


Part 6

Total Quality Management (TQM)


‘Poka Yoke’ (Avoid errors)

SMED (Single Digit Minute Exchange)


BPR (Business Process Reengineering)


LUNCH (01.00pm – 02.00pm)


Part 7

· Review of the Psychosocial Work Environment – Both physical & psychological: Find out what is holding them from being innovative & seriously productive

· Performance Evaluation on Inter-dependency: Between manager & staffs and among the staffs

· Establishing the Mutual Expectation Check List (MECL)

· Inculcating a Set of ‘Bushido’ Corporate Ethics: To inculcate discipline & enhance harmony; thus increase productivity

· POSTDC for productivity: Looking into Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Delegation & Control


TEA-BREAK (03.30pm – 03.45pm)


· Supervisory Skills: Directing-Coaching-Supporting-Delegation & Motivation

· How to Become a Situational Leader: Avoid the downfall of just one leadership style

· Motivating & Empowering Staffs: Important questions to ask, with the right answers provided to help you realize what really motivates employees

· Teaming up Employees: Improve working relationships & prevent silo management

· Recap of the Program

· Program Evaluation by Participants.


END OF PROGRAM ON DAY 2 (at 5.00pm)

Training Methodology: Interactive Lecture, Brainstorming, Questions guidelines, Videos, Case studies, Motivation etc.

Duration: 2-Days (Both days from 9am – 5.00pm)




(Dr.) William Leon Chua PhD is a multi-industrial practitioner, and having worked in numerous industries including Manufactories, Financial Services, Hospitality, Construction, & FMCG wherein he was designated in various positions inter-alia Branch Manager, Agency Manager, Regional Manager, Branches Operations Manager, Group HR & Training Manager, Group Marketing Manager, General Manager, CEO; he has acquired a wide spectrum of experience, knowledge & skills.

His practical industrial experiences supplemented with his academic pursuits & achievements such as Diploma in Sales Management, Diploma in Human Resource Management, Diploma in Business & Management, BA major in Psychology, MBA, PhD in Organizational Behavior and boosted with 20 years of research work (and continuing); he has empowered his capability in facilitating realistic strategic thinking down-to-earth seminars to meet his clients’ core prerequisites on staff developmental needs, and providing business consultation.

He is a member of the Malaysia Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS), was a panel trainer for the Malaysia Institute of Management (MIM) and the Malaysia Insurance Institute (MII).

He is a registered HRDF (on a full time basis) professional trainer since year 2000.

Complemented with his volumes of multi-style approach in facilitating seminars & workshops, he has been able to deliver captivating seminars with greater impact in a most pragmatic yet entertaining, motivating & humorous manner (for better retention).

As the Chairman & Chief Instructor of a Martial Arts Association for 9 years, he has other than mostly teaching self-defense & combative techniques also focused on imparting knowledge on personal development, leadership & philosophies directly and indirectly to more than 3,000 of his disciples across West Malaysia.

He has also produced 2 astounding motivational training videos; one on personal development, leadership, teamwork and the other on the kung-fu of business management.

His fields of corporate training among many other soft skills programs include: a wide range of Leadership Development Skills Programs, a series of Teambuilding-Teambonding Action-packed in-door/out-door training, Interpersonal & Communication Skills, Corporate Ethics & Discipline, Sun Tzu Art of War in Strategic Marketing, Professional Selling & Negotiation Skills, Sales Motivation, Sales Psychology, a wide range of Customer Service Programs, Public Speaking Skills, Mind-set Change, Personal Development, Managing-Up your Boss, Time Mastery & Goals Getting, Creative Thinking & Problem Solving, The Six Thinking Hats, Confidence & Power in Dealing with People, Stress Management, Security Management, Telephonic Skills, Grooming & Personality Enhancement etc.

To-date, he has facilitated a myriad of corporate training programs of up to more than 450 seminars & workshops whether in a class-room setting or as a key-note speaker in conventions both locally in Malaysia and abroad.

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Leadership & organizational skills empowerment to improve attitude, accountability, harmony for the workforce