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Effective Public Speaking Skills


~ A 3-Day Workshop ~

(Duration depends on the number of participants)


"Have no Fear - You can become a better trainer or public speaker after attending this exclusive workshop"



Let the Guru of Trainers guide and coach you that you may transform into a better trainer. Your style of presentation will immediately soar to greater heights after attending this pragmatic workshop. This program encompasses all the building blocks of skills development & confidence building. You will learn so much more from Master William Leon Chua. What better way to improve than to learn and retrieve the requisite skills from someone who has facilitated seminars to more than 750 companies and more than 800,000 people, from someone who has also spoken at conventions with more than 1,000 participants, from someone who is always discovering new and better ways to present in any situation.

Training is the catalyst for corporate expansion. Training is the tool for initiating change at a faster pace. To discard training is to stagnate, and to utilize training diligently and continuously is to initiate perpetual progress. As the impetus for growth, all companies must ensure that not only their Training Manager and HR Manager are proficient in the ways of training, and in fact ensure that all Heads of Department and their Deputies are able to train as well. Sales Managers who from time to time are required to facilitate stand up presentation of their products &/or services are also encouraged to attend this workshop. Such a workshop then is the equation for establishing a Learning Culture and obviously for business to grow.

Speaking to one is definitely relatively easier than presenting to 10, a 100 or a 1000. There is definitely a marked difference between presenting across the table and presenting to a crowd.



This program is ideal for CEOs, sales managers, agency managers, businessmen, politicians, lawyers, DJ, Emcees or anyone who is required to speak or present to a group or crowd. Learn to speak and grow rich with enthusiasm, confidence, charisma and achieve better results!


management training malaysia


The focus and objective of this program is to enhance the ability of participants to present and speak with professional impact and win over the crowdAmong other things you will learn: how to execute a crowd appreciating opening, how to inject lively humors, how to use exhibits to get attention, how to use vocal skills to better expound the meaning of your speech, how to use gestures to attract attention, how to get better interaction from the crowd, how to motivate them to apply what you have shared, how to tell stories to back up your views or facts, how to use questions to your advantage, how to handle difficult participants, how to instill discipline before your presentation, how to speak convincingly etc.



Lecture, Motivation, Video show on the Do and Don’ts of Presenting, Role play (will be videotaped for review and radical surgery to ensure 100% awareness on areas that need improvement)At the end of the session, participants will be happy & willing to take on as many training & speaking engagements as possible.




  • ·      Module 1: Introduction to Public Speaking
  • o    Benefits of Public Speaking
  • o    Models of Communication
  • o    Elements of the Communication Process
  • o    Types of Speeches and Speaking Occasions
  • o    Speaking Competencies
  • ·      Module 2: Informative Speaking
  • o    Functions of Informative Speeches
  • o    Role of Speaker
  • o    Types of Informative Speeches
  • o    Developing Informative Speeches
  • ·      Module 3: Listening Effectively
  • o    Hearing Versus Listening
  • o    The Value of Listening
  • o    Three A''''s of Active Listening
  • o    Barriers to Effective Listening
  • o    Strategies to Enhance Listening
  • o    Providing Feedback to Speakers
  • o    Encouraging Effective Listening
  • ·      Module 4: Organizing and Outlining
  • o    Elements of an Excellent Demonstration Speech
  • o    Objectives, Outline, and Introduction
  • o    The Topic, Purpose, and Thesis
  • o    Writing the Body of Your Speech
  • o    Organizational Styles
  • o    Connecting Your Main Points
  • o    Outlining Your Speech
  • ·      Module 5: Delivering Your Speech
  • o    Methods of Delivery
  • o    Vocal Aspects of Delivery
  • o    Nonverbal Aspects of Delivery
  • o    Mastering the Location
  • o    Preparation, Practice, and Delivery
  • ·      Module 6: Introductions and Conclusions
  • o    Attention-Getting Strategies
  • o    Preparing the Introduction
  • o    Functions of Conclusions
  • o    Composing the Conclusion
  • ·      Module 7: Visual Aids
  • o    Effective Visual Aids
  • o    Types of Visual Aids
  • o    Design Principles
  • o    Implementation
  • o    Visual Aid Tips
  • ·      Module 8: Critical Thinking and Reasoning
  • o    Critical Thinking
  • o    Logic and the Role of Arguments
  • o    Understanding Fallacies
  • o    Formal Fallacies
  • o    Informal Fallacies
  • ·      Module 9: Audience Analysis
  • o    Approaches to Audience Analysis
  • o    Categories of Audience Analysis
  • ·      Module 10: Persuasive Speaking
  • o    What is Persuasive Speaking?
  • o    Functions of Persuasive Speeches
  • o    Types of Persuasive Speeches
  • o    Choosing a Persuasive Speech Topic
  • o    Approaching Audiences
  • o    Persuasive Strategies
  • o    Organizing Persuasive Messages
  • ·      Module 11: Supporting Your Ideas
  • o    Personal and Professional Knowledge
  • o    Library Resources
  • o    Internet Resources
  • o    Evaluating Information
  • o    Citing Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism
  • o    Using Statistics
  • o    Using Testimony
  • o    Using Examples
  • o    Gathering Expertise in Your Subject Area
  • ·      Module 12: Using Language Well
  • o    Using Stylized Language
  • o    The Importance of Ethical and Accurate Language
  • o    Avoiding Language Pitfalls
  • ·      Module 13: Ethics in Public Speaking
  • o    Ethical Speaking
  • o    Ethical Listening
  • ·      Module 14: Speaking With Confidence
  • o    Frames of Reference
  • o    Cognitive Restructuring
  • o    Techniques for Building Confidence
  • ·      Module 15: Group Presentations
  • o    Preparing All Parts of the Assignment
  • o    Organizing for Your Audience
  • o    Delivering Your Presentation as One
  • ·      Module 16: Assignments
  • o    Assignment: Speech of Self-Introduction
  • o    Assignment: Speech to Introduce Someone
  • o    Assignment: Impromptu Speech
  • o    Assignment: Advertisement Speech
  • o    Assignment: Inspirational Speech
  • o    Assignment: Persuasive Speech
  • o    Assignment: Self-Evaluation of Demonstration Speech
  • o    Assignment: Planning for Final Speech

Public Speaking Training In Malaysia - Exude Confidence With Us

Welcome to our public speaking course in Malaysia! Do you want to improve your communication abilities and acquire confidence in presenting compelling presentations? Try out our comprehensive public speaking course in Malaysia programs designed to provide you with the tools you need to succeed in public speaking. Our public speaking training in Malaysia specialists will lead you through interactive workshops, practical exercises, and real-life simulations to help you overcome stage anxiety, plan your topic efficiently, and captivate your audience with compelling delivery, whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner.

Our public speaking training in Malaysia will teach you how to make persuasive speeches, grasp body language, and use effective narrative strategies to leave an impression on any audience. You will receive personalized feedback and coaching allowing you to fine-tune your skills and become a confident and convincing communicator.


 management training malaysia

William Leon Chua PhDhas facilitated hundreds of seminars and spoke in numerous conventions with more than a thousand participants.

He is the Founder, Chief Trainer and Principal Consultant of DRC Management & Training PLT. He is a sought-after management consultant; and compelling corporate trainer & motivator on Leadership Empowerment, Strategic Management, Teambuilding, Inter-personal & Communication skills, Strategic Marketing, Professional Selling Skills, Customer Service, Sun Tzu Art of War, Corporate Ethics, Mind-set Change, TQM, and High-Performance Management etc. He speaks to audiences in Malaysia, around the Asia-Pacific Region, and occasionally in Europe.

He was a member of the Malaysia Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS) & the Malaysia Institute of Management (MIM) and a registered corporate trainer with the Human Resource Development Federation of Malaysia (HRDF). 
Academically - he has acquired a Diploma in Sales Management from IMM, a Diploma in Business & Management from Swansea, a BA majoring in Psychology from University of Hawaii, a MBA and a PhD in Organizational Behavior from IUKL.

Working Experience - With his more than 30 years of multi-industrial experience complemented with his 20 years as a professional corporate trainer, he has amassed volumes of skills and ideas. He is more than a lecturer; he is a corporate trainer qualified with years of in-depth multi-industrial experience. During this 2-day program he will impart 30 years of his research and invaluable experiences on the subject matter to the participants. 

All in all, he has provided corporate training to more than 700 companies ranging from manufactories, universities, hotels, wholesalers……to banks and insurance companies etc.


His approach to facilitating seminars is – research-based & up-to-date informative, entertaining, highly motivating and at the same time, serious in approach to ensure that learning is effectively projected into action and results.

DRC Management & Training PLT


E-mail: william@asia-seminar.com / drc-hrdc@outlook.com

WhatsApp: 0137296728





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Effective Public Speaking Skills. Public speaking seminar. Train the trainer. Power speaking techniques. Speak with confidence. Approved by HRDC. Approved by PSMB. Malaysia. Thailand. Singapore. China. Brunei. Asia.