Advance Professional Selling & Negotiation Skills. Power selling skills. Negotiation skills. Selling to the top. 88 sales strategies. Master your selling skills. Sales mastery. Malaysia. Thailand. Singapore. Asia
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Advance Professional Selling Skills



~ 2-Day Course ~

 Exclusively delivered by Master (Dr.) William Leon Chua 

(Internationally renowned master sales guru and motivator) 

Email: / WhatsApp 0137296728


Learn the Psychology of Tactical Selling Skills.

Learn 35 Closing Techniques plus 15 Negotiation Tactics.

Learn how to handle the 14 Customer Personalities.

Learn the Fine Art of Selling with NLP & Linguistic Skills and much more!

These are the tools that will help you reach the pinnacle of your Sales Everest!!!

Consultative Selling Skills & Sales Psychology with the use of Sales NLP Linguistic Skills within the Framework of an OSP (Organizational Sales Presentation).

If you prefer the 'BLACK BELT SALES PROFESSIONAL' click and log in.

It's also a skill-based training but very lively & highly motivational.


Turn your fear into fuel to boost your enthusiasm and move towards your professional selling potential. 

Contact us today for your corporate training needs. 

We all too anxious to serve you.

E-mail: / WhatsApp 0137296728



Professional Sales Training is an important catalyst for initiating business growth. Yes, professional sales training is one of the most important integral parts of strategic marketing. Therefore it must be undertaken with greater precision. An alignment of time proven pragmatic skill-based approach to such training is a prerequisite to achieving greater success. Conclusively the appropriate training program must be tuned towards building the confidence and motivational level of the highest standard possible. The marked difference in attaining success does not rest entirely on the program materials itself. It is obvious that an experienced facilitator who is both time-proven in the selling-field and proficient in the art of corporate training & coaching must be engaged to make the difference.


To revive, refresh and renew the spirit of salespeople so that they can stay on track in the enthusiastic pursuit for more and more sales.


Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Sales Executives, Agency Leaders and all who are involved in sales and business development.



1. Motivation & Confidence Building

a.    Sales Achievers are Born from Experience

b.    The 10 Keys to Success in Selling

c.    Self-respect & the Power of Self-Appreciation

d.    Image Management

e.    Developing a Professional Attitude

f.     Evaluating Sales Mistakes


          MODULE 2

Strategic Approach to Selling

1.    What is your Sales Strategy?

2.    14 Selling Strategies

3.    The 7 KRAs of Selling

4.    The Rules of Selling

5.    Training & Development




Managing & Convincing the Customer Types

1.    The 7 Steps in a Sales Process

2.    The 6 Personality Types of Buyers

3.    The Psychology of Selling


Sales Communication Skills

1.    The Basis of Communicating Effectively

2.    15 Communication Skills that are Crucial to Sales Success

3.    Sales Language –Selling & Persuasion Techniques

4.    Neuro-Linguistic Selling




          Rapport Building Techniques

           1.    The 3 Key Elements of Rapport

           2.    8 ways of building rapport with customers

           3.    What Happens if you lack Rapport

          DAY TWO



Discovering Needs

1.    Asking Open-ended Questions

2.    Probing with Close-ended Questions

3.    Listening Skills

4.    Verify what was said

5.    Going Beyond Needs Assessment

6.    Build Task Tension



Providing Solutions

1.    Understand the Customer’s Concern

2.    Provide On-Target Solutions

3.    Present Features-Advantages-Benefits of your Product and

          Obtain Feedback




Handling Objections

 1.    Building a Good Defense Against Difficult Questions & Objections

2.    Putting Objections in Perspective

3.    How to Tactfully Overcome Objections


Closing Techniques

1.    Identifying Buying Signals (Verbal & Non-Verbal)

2.    How to Obtain a Buying Decision

3.    The Rules in Closing

4.    30 Pragmatic Closing Techniques

          MODULE 10

Preventing Cancellations

1.    Avoid Negative Reactions

2.    How to Handle Cancellations

3.    Follow up to Reinforce the Deal




 Negotiation Skills


Ø  Beginning Sales Negotiating Gambits

a.    Find Out How Much a Buyer is Willing to Pay

b.    Find Out if the Customer is Really Interested

c.    Always Ask for More Than You Expect

d.    Bracketing

e.    Never say ‘YES’ to the First Offer

f.     The Flinch

g.    Pretend to be Reluctant

h.    Focus on the Issues

i.      The Vise Gambit 

Ø  Middle Sales Negotiating Gambits

a.    Higher Authority

b.    Avoid Confrontation

c.    The Declining Value of Services

d.    Never Offer to Split the Differences

e.    The Hot Potato

f.     Trading Off



Ø  Ending Sales Negotiating Gambits

a.    Good Guy / Bad Guy

b.    Nibbling

c.    Concessions

d.    The Withdrawal

e.    Positioning for Easy Acceptance


Ø  How to Control the Negotiation

a.    Negotiating Drives

b.    Countering Questionable Gambits

c.    Negotiating Pressure Points

d.    Handling Problem Negotiations




Pre-seminar Evaluation - Directive Lecturing - Interactive Learning - Use of Sales Training Videos - Work Groups – Case Studies - Brainstorming - Role Play - Coaching - Post-seminar Evaluation



Directive-Lecture: 60%, Coaching: 20%, Motivation: 5%, Training Videos: 5%, Others: 10% 



As arranged depending on the number of participants and the venue

(Inclusive of certificates of participation and handouts)

This will be a customized sales workshop designed to meet with your exact needs.

Techniques are pragmatic and proven to be very effective. The motivational value injected into this workshop is an additional highlight of this sales workshop.



(Dr.) William Leon Chua PhD is a multi-industrial practitioner, and having worked in numerous industries including Manufactories, Financial Services, Hospitality, Construction, & FMCG wherein he was designated in various positions inter-alia Branch Manager, Agency Manager, Regional Manager, Branches Operations Manager, Group HR & Training Manager, Group Marketing Manager, General Manager, CEO; he has acquired a wide spectrum of experience, knowledge & skills.

He is a member of the Malaysia Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS), was a panel trainer for the Malaysia Institute of Management (MIM) and the Malaysia Insurance Institute (MII).

He is a registered HRDF (on a full time basis) professional trainer since year 2000.

Knowledge-supplemented with his academic pursuits & achievements such as Diploma in Sales Management, Diploma in Human Resource Management, Diploma in Business & Management, BA major in Psychology, MBA, PhD in Organizational Behavior and boosted with 20 years of research work (and continuing); he has empowered his capability in facilitating realistic strategic thinking down-to-earth seminars to meet his clients’ core prerequisites on staff developmental needs, and providing business consultation.

Complemented with his volumes of multi-style approach in facilitating seminars & workshops, he has been able to deliver captivating seminars with greater impact in a most pragmatic yet entertaining, motivating & humorous manner (for better retention).

As the Chairman & Chief Instructor of a Martial Arts Association for 9 years, he has other than mostly teaching self-defense & combative techniques also focused on imparting knowledge on personal development, leadership & philosophies directly and indirectly to more than 3,000 of his disciples across West Malaysia.

He has also produced 2 astounding motivational training videos; one on personal development, leadership, teamwork and the other on the kung-fu of business management.

His fields of corporate training among many other soft skills programs include: a wide range of Leadership Development Skills Programs, a series of Teambuilding-Teambonding Action-packed in-door/out-door training,  Interpersonal & Communication Skills, Corporate Ethics & Discipline, Sun Tzu Art of War in Strategic Marketing, Professional Selling & Negotiation Skills, Sales Motivation, Sales Psychology, a wide range of Customer Service Programs, Public Speaking Skills, Mind-set Change, Personal Development, Managing-Up your Boss, Time Mastery & Goals Getting,  Creative Thinking & Problem Solving, The Six Thinking Hats, Confidence & Power in Dealing with People, Stress Management, Security Management, Telephonic Skills, Grooming & Personality Enhancement etc.

To-date, he has facilitated a myriad of corporate training programs of up to more than 450 seminars & workshops whether in a class-room setting or as a key-note speaker in conventions both locally in Malaysia and abroad.


HRDC-SBL KHAS  SCHEME CLAIMABLE (Subject to early application with HRDC for approval)


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Advance Professional Selling & Negotiation Skills. Power selling skills. Negotiation skills. Selling to the top. 88 sales strategies. Master your selling skills. Sales mastery. Malaysia. Thailand. Singapore. Asia